Fritz’ Bucket List No. 100 : OLANGO ISLAND – Checked!

Finally, I built my own Bucket List which is dedicated for travels. Well, some might also have food-related stuffs but yes, this will be about my journal of travels and target is around the world!

My very first stop : OLANGO ISLAND

Apparently, this is the 100th at the list, and will work on the rest of the list will unleash themselves, revealing their identities ( LOL!). Olango Island is a quaint town, an extension of Lapulapu City (where I live actually, so I got no excuse NOT to visit it first)… Life is laid-back, and I really mean, soooo laid-back!

Stayed at Talima Beach Resort, this opportunity has given me the utmost ‘de-stressing’ just when I needed it most. If you want privacy, Talima Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay in Olango, amazingly located just across (not the road, but across the SEA) Movenpick (formerly Hilton) Hotel from Punta Engano, Mactan Island… Amazing!


Facing Movenpick Hotel of Mactan, here I am at Olango Island, 20 minutes boat-ride away.


Well, uhhhmmm…yeah it’s a woman travelling (hehehe!).


Top this with a little aromatherapeutic massage, then you’re in heaven!


Restaurant. Good food!




And the charming pool!…yes, starring me! haha!

Lovely and amazing that was!


1. Go to Hilton Hotel Pier (now Movenpick but locals [me, included] still call it Hilton) in Punta Engano, Lapulapu City.

2. Tickets are at the Port/Pier itself, costs 15 pesos and Terminal Fee is 1 peso = 16 pesos and you’re on board! Only Port is to Sta. Rosa Olango from the Hilton Pier. And this boat you’ll be on is called Trans-Olango Shipping.

3. 20 minutes boat ride and you’ll be at Sta. Rosa pier in Olango, a lot of tricycles (only available public transportation in the Island) and fare each is 20 pesos. If you want to get the tricycle by yourself, i.e., you are the only passenger, then it’s 120 pesos. You can then speed-off for Talima Beach Resort, every tricycle driver know where this place is.

4. You’ll have a little taste of the rural life with the 18-minute ride from Port to Talima Beach Resort. And a little less than 100 meters, so close to the resort already,  is literally bumpy (dead coral bed) road going towards the resort.

5. 250 pesos entrance fee for Day Use which includes Snorkeling, Marine Fish Sanctuary Visit, Pool Use, Cottage Use and all amenities/facilities-use. There’s a scuba diving package too available, they are with Polaris Diving. Rooms ranges from 2000 pesos to 3000 pesos. There is a Villa which costs 6200 pesos and it’s a whole house (of course, Villa hehe!)… and food ranges from 180 to 350 per dish.

Awesome visit to Olango!


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