Bucket List no. 99 : DUMAGUETE CITY – checked!

Philippines is an archipelago, a group of islands and we have 7,107 Islands. That is why it’s called as “the Philippines” this is because it’s actually “the Philippine islands”. Of the 7,107, I think I only have been to not even a hundred hehehe! Perhaps the homey me and/or the limited time to get to these wonderful Philippine spots! And now, when I have ample time with me, why not pour the first of the 30 of my 100 places to go and do in the bucket list, only for the beautiful, Philippines!


A friend said… “but that is your lastname!” hahaha! Anyway, the small city is not that “metropolis” in nature. Not so busy, not so quiet, maybe in the middle? And just reminds me of my hometown, Valencia, Bukidnon. First city ever in Negros Oriental ,west of Cebu, that I have been to. Well, what’s most important is, another box is checked at the list and I have set foot in Dumaguete and had a good time!


Rizal Boulevard


a store stall at Robinson’s I couldn’t resist on taking a shot of.

2013-04-26 16.17.45

Sans Rival Bistro at the boulevard, I would really recommend for your sweet-tooth! Not-so maybe for the European cuisine they present, but thumbs up for their pastries!

2013-04-27 08.11.59And a hearty Bo’s Coffee breakfast? Wow! I was in awe to find out a new, actually just 6-month old Bo’s Coffee fronting the boulevard, a best view ever!

Over-all rating of Dumaguete tour  = 10!


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