Bucket List No. 98 : ALCOY BEACH, CEBU

You will never truly appreciate the Philippines if you won’t pack your bags, fly here and start soaking your feet into the flour-soft sands and the gleam your cheeks with the beaming sunshine!


No. 98 on the bucket list deserves to be: Alcoy, Cebu… Why on the Bucket List? Again, I am building my Bucket List to travel the world and started my first twenty within my homecountry, the Philippines. So why Alcoy Beach? Aside from it is close to Cebu (by close, I mean, no need to travel by boat since we are an archipelago right) Alcoy beach is pretty and not yet packed with hoards of tourists which is its plus.

2 and a half hours from Cebu City, this little town, Alcoy is situated south of Cebu before Oslob – the town now known for the whale shark watching.

Who says you’ll only get this scenery from Boracay? Well, if you’d opt for more hippy and funky night life is your kind of thing, Boracay is still the best with all the perfect combinations and options for accommodations from grand to hostels are available. But if you just want a dip to the pristine waters and roll onto the fine sand for a day on a weekend, Tingko beach in Alcoy is the quiet place to go to.


There are millions of reasons to smile just setting foot on this beach.

Watch out for this Tingko Beach signage at the side of the road. But you can tell the bus conductor (you know Mr. Ticket Man?) that you’d get off at Tingko Beach Dos. If you couldn’t find Mr. Ticket Man when your gut tells you you’re so close to the place since you could see the winding road with the beach on your left side, then watch out for this signage. You can alight from buses anytime, anywhere in provinces and rural areas there are no particular bus stops unlike in the city.


That’s going South, the coastal road prides beautiful water sceneries.


Little Rina, a little girl who got the best salestalk ever. Her grilled Bangus/Milkfish is 100 pesos as with the grilled pork belly with same price. Isn’t this amazing that everybody in the Philippines can speak English? In other countries (not that I’m comparing, but oh well, okay I’m comparing), when you move further away from the capital city, the lesser the locals who can speak English. This is true for Thailand where, omg if you’d explore a place where no tourists go (for the aim of having a peaceful sun-tanning and meditation), the negative would be, you couldn’t express to the locals what you meant.  Luckily, most of the tourist places in Thailand is also where the touts come in drove, since its their ‘profession’ then they could speak English and you can ask them for directions…or can you ask touts for directions without any business involved? Well, anyway, back to Alcoy and the little girl, she was so helpful and in fact showing me the little cottage available for an overnight dose. But can I confess that maybe it is being a Southeast Asian that this place is “too quiet” for me. Maybe it’s just me. I still prefer Alona Beach in Panglao or Boracay over this because when on a vacation I’d also appreciate the access to convenience stores like 7-11 but at the same time I could find my little spot away from the crowd. I don’t know, maybe just me.


How to get there :

1. For a 120 pesos fare (as of 2013), you can catch the bus from Cebu South Terminal with buses going towards Bato-Oslob. Airconditioned, with wifi…yes WITH WI-FI and of course movies. Finished the movie, and didn’t notice I’d be off in seconds. Only 2 hours and 20 minutes for Alcoy beach. The photos are of Tingko Beach dos (dos means 2. People of Cebu speak Cebuano which foundation is Spanish, by the way). There is also Tingko Beach Uno (uno is one, like uno dos tres) and locals say rocks form there at this season.

2. Accommodations are available for groups.

3. There is a small cafeteria for food and an entrance fee of 10 pesos for the beach-goers to maintain the cleanliness. Talking about cleanliness, please tourists, take care of our environment. Dispose off garbage RESPONSIBLY…please?

Okay, wind off now.

Another box is ticked! ❤

2013-04-26 12.36.20


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