Bucket List No. 97 : Whaleshark Watching in OSLOB, CEBU

What was actually on the list is SWIM WITH THE WHALESHARKS IN OSLOB CEBU (many precautions comes with the ‘swimming’ with this amazing enormous creatures though)… but then, yes the coward me ruined the plan! haha! Too coward to be helplessly alone in the waters and with a whale-SHAAAARRRK beside me? And remember, this is FEEDING TIME what if you will be the “food” nooo!!! (But we’re aware whalesharks are mammals, don’t we? Therefore they’re harmless…or at least, don’t intend to, huhuhu!)…Feeding time, which is the main reason they come to this area where fishermen give them food and of course tourism plays their role now, to take this opportunity while they are at bay so we could get a chance to see them. It’s actually prohibited to touch them or come near them as when they open their mouth you might be sucked in! So imagine a lame water-human like me doing that?

Anyway, the good thing is, I got heaps of info for you. I have chosen BCD’s Place…I thought a government office will control it, but no, there are many resorts which offer this swimming and/or whaleshark watching, and pay the government.

BCD offers this: (as of April 26, 2013)

PhP 300 – government fee

PhP 200 – Snorkel fee inclusive of snorkeling gadgets

PhP 300 – boat going to the deeper area where whalesharks meet the fishermen for the feeding time which only runs 8 to 12 noon daily, which therefore, whaleshark watching happens only between 8:00 morning to 12:00 noon.

Oslob town can be reached by taking a bus from the Cebu South Terminal for 155 pesos for the airconditioned one. Travel takes 2.5 hours so be sure you’re there before 12 noon lapses. You’d be given 30 minutes to swim with these stupendous creatures of the seas!

Here are some more documentations:


ImageThe BCD Restaurant on the left and cottages up further. The restaurant offers usual food, I might really be honest that it doesn’t really have much impressive menus. Well, one will come here for the whaleshark anyway! LOL!



Photo above is where the boats dock to get you to the whaleshark watching area.


So I took the opportunity to grab fresh air and draw-in peace from this stopover in Oslob, Cebu. Sipping cold soda, watching the azure waters….ahhhhh….life is so kind!

But since I didn’t do the whaleshark (locally called as Butanding) swimming, I have here photos from a  friend who went there to  bravely  swim with them in another time (to give you ideas on how huge they are) :





Is that mouth that I see now? LOL!…. and OMG!!!

Hope the infos help!x

2013-04-26 13.29.18

The world is full of amazing things, indeed!



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