Bucket List No. 96 : SIARGAO ISLAND

Siargao Island… uniquely beautiful!

Flight was so quick and now Cebu Pacific offers 5 times a week flights there now, to their tiny airport. Book ahead of time if you wanna go, as seats get full quickly and just like usual booking that seat price goes up when the fly date comes closer, going to Siargao is same as Boracay flights, I would say… that gets to ceiling-top price when purchased days before fly date.

It’s amazing a trip to be reunited to a friend and her husband, I met in Perth 3 years ago (wow, that long now?) and since they are familiar with the place as they go there every year  always with a bunch of surfer friends from Australia, they are the ones who showed me around.

Let’s scroll onto documentations now:

Would you believe that Aussie surfers conquer Siargao? Yes, that amazing! :


The boys are home:


At the boardwalk where spectators watch the Surfing competition. International surfing competitions are on Septembers every year as waves at that time are what they call as killer waves (typhoon times LOL) :


Broken board:


Steps where surfers go down to paddle going towards the killer waves LOL! :


Have a break, have a……Baileys =D   :


The beautiful couple, I’m saying a hundred thanks! :


It was a magnificent holidays and definitely to be visited again! It’s always a sad feeling leaving a holidays spot and has to go back to mundane work sched, but it’s so to speak that work and work and work, save and save and save all you can, then treat yourself once in a while and love own’s life! For this, truly I agree to the quote :  “When your heart desires, the whole universe conspires to achieve that want”…..Lurrrve it!!!

Some more photos for you:


At Ocean 101’s restaurant hall overlooking the Pacific Ocean







SIARGAO FACTS FOR YOU that might help for your Siargao travel plans :

1. Siargao airport is tiny and surrounded with mountains that’s why best to visit there if you don’t want flight delays and cancellations is April and May when it’s high heat in the Philippines. Adventurous surfers flock Siargao during September because of the “suicidal waves” coming from Pacific Ocean (same killer waves cobbling Hawaii). Month of June is when wet season starts so late May might not be a good idea to fly (again, if you don’t want cancelled flights and delays).

2. What’s astounding is, when you’re there, it’s actually crowded with 80% whites and less filipinos (locals) and if there can be any locals, they might come from either Cebu or Manila who come for holidays as well. And to top that, the 80% of those caucasians are also 80% Aussies! LOL!


3. Siargao Airport called Sayak is 40 minutes from Cloud 9. They call this particular chunk of the barangay GL (General Luna) as Cloud 9 coz it’s where surfers ride in “Cloud 9”.

4. Roads are concrete going to both Dapa Pier/Port (bound for Surigao, the main city) and to airport.

5. Don’t expect this is gonna be as hippy as Boracay as this is still a quaint town.

6.  Check in at Ocean101 Beach Resort. The owners are so nice and once again….. they are Australians with cute 4 little doll-looking daughters! It’s the filipina wife of the owner herself who showed me to my queen bedroom, oohhh nothing beats the service! The van /vehicle who picked me up is connected to Ocean 101 of course, and nothing to worry because the driver is just the filipina wife’s brother. You won’t be ripped off, I promise. They now own two accommodations there, the Point 303 and Ocean 101. And now just bought another land and will build 202 (I actually don’t know what’s with the numbers). And from the recommendations of everyone around, both foreigners and locals, Ocean101’s got the sumptuous food around!


7. If you are not a surfer, you might find it boring after 3 days. Rooms doesn’t have TVs…I REPEAT…. No TVs!!! LOL! Everyone who goes there are aiming to surf not to be couch potatoes hehehe! My friend and I, were just a bit embarrassed that from all who are checked in there, it’s just us who are not surfers coz other guests who have caucasian girls with them are surfers! LOL! And one more note… a friend said, in other places in the Philippines and even in a big city like Cebu, you’ll be surprised to see a young guy 40 below who is white/caucasian….in Siargao Island, you’ll be surprised to see a white guy in his 50s up, and could be an owner of a resort, or one who will stay for short period. Not nice but again a fun fact. =D

Over-all, two thumbs up! Food, sleep, drinks, relax, hammock, water, sights….amazing! Once more, a box is ticked from the list – which I must admit, is one of my most awaited box – had such a beautiful time!


Soulsearcher in Siargao,

Fritzie x


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