Siargao Island What-to-do’s

Siargao Island deserves to have a second blog entry. I seemed to have been thrifty with the infos for this fabulous holidays spot (though for me, there were heaps there already). So many blogs I follow especially the Food and Travel blogs where I get necessary info especially if a place is located somewhere not everybody’s familiar of, the authors outline even their detailed expenses so readers would have a background on the expected expenses. Well, I think I spent much on the food LOL, but I could say Siargao Island for holidays – the most expensive that you might spend for is just the airfare…oh I paid huge huge painful airfares especially when I booked a week so close to the fly date! The accommodation and the transportation are pretty okay then…

For what-to-do’s especially for the non-surfers like me, there are many sidetrips that can be done. One there is the Sohoton Cave at the Bucas Grande which is an amazing place but since it’s a 3-hour boat ride from Siargao Island, we didn’t get this trip anymore. So for me, I could share only ones below.

Some more docus I think worth to share:

You can buy souvenirs like this mini surf board from Point 303 for 400 pesos (as of May 4, 2013):


Cute bathers with Aussie flag on it at Point 303 :


Have a soothing outdoor massage, ahhh…life! This one below that Michael got is for 400 pesos, yes a cent for foreigners but this is already expensive even compared to ones you’ll get in Cebu. But, well, you are on holidays, so treat yourself! :


Watch the sunset. Amazing thing to do since you are facing the Pacific Ocean, ohhh great! I managed to have a quick peek of the sunrise one time, but since I was still half-asleep, I even forgot to take photo (which is already surprising LOL!). Below, boys watching the sunset :


Or just relax inside your room while your surfer buddies are at the sea. I had a pretty big room, with queen bed! so lucky! :


Stroll at the Boardwalk. A very long trail of the boardwalk to get to the spectators’ viewing deck, very relaxing here :


Catch up with friends and have many good laughs and photo ops! :



And you’re right, food, food, food! This is gonna be less than a month surely! So give yourself a break from worrying about the scales and the gym and… .INDULGE! (oh I love the word! LOL!)Image


Or a lazy afternoon in a hammock will do:


Some religious tourists stop at this place called Glorious Cross to say a prayer:


Or spend the day just strolling around Cloud 9:

Ocean 101:



Life is full of spices and flavours… It is then up to us how we mix those right to make a perfect blend! Not too sweet, not too bitter…balance. And all what’s important is, we’re happy in doing what we want! Living this life is precious, it’s not like in the TV that we can RE-PLAY the episode, this episode we are in is final…no rehearsal, all impromptu…. so let’s all share our love! And enjoy life! =)   Enjoy Siargao! =)


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