Bucket List No. 95 : MALAPASCUA ISLAND


I know with just a tease of the photo above, it’s already mouth-drolling!

This has been on my list for long time, even before I started this blog, just group of friends planning, and apparently weren’t materialized.  Have been living in Cebu City for 2 years and didn’t even get the time to sneak to this place probably because it’s too far for a bus trip from Cebu City. That’s 5 hours bum-soring trip.  Though we only got the forth trip for 3 hour and 50 minutes, which is good. But anyway, overall a spectacular getaway!

Malapascua is famous for tresher sharks, the Monad Shoal specifically is packed with hundred of species and of course tresher sharks. I don’t dive so we snorkel around, and gobsmacked! So colourful, wide array of marine life down there.

Let’s now get the docus rolling without much further ado:

2013-05-16 06.35.54

Let’s start the day with the sunrise in Malapascua!

2013-05-16 06.41.03


Image ImageImage Image Image

Photo above is from Ocean Vida Resort, one of the upperscale accommodations in the Malapascua beach strip called, the Bounty Beach. Image Above: from the Buddha Bar, the bar-restaurant (restobar) in the accommodation where we were checked-in, the Cocobana Resort, one of the pioneering, oldest resorts in the island. It’s got pretty good slot in the Bounty Beach. Amazing view but you might take a second thought if you get to talk to their staff. Trip Advisor’s got many reviews about their resort, it might be great to pay a visit at the site about Malapascua accommodations. Image

Above : bean bags from Ocean Vida’s restaurant is famous that it’s always flocked with guests even in this low season when we went (May 14 to 16, 2013). Image

Ging-Ging’s Restaurant is the photo above. A well-known resto for both locals and young foreigners as it serves very affordable food and huge servings too. Although what will you expect for the price? But if you came as a backpacker or is in a tight budget, this is a good place to eat. Non-beachfront and a bit tricky to locate but you can ask the locals, so friendly and always happy to  show you the roads. Image Above : calming scenery. Image Above : Angelina’s Italian Resto is absolutely worth a try! You will never regret! Although a bit pricey…’ey it’s Italian, magnifico!.. But you should prepare to at least one of the dishes when you come here. Absolutely scrumptious menu! Image Above : Sunsplash Dive Resort also owns a Floating Bar might be amazing to hang out in the afternoon but of course for non-swimmer girls in the group, one important question : how do we get there?  Sunsplash resto inland deserves a star from this blog because of the service plus the good dishes and of course the friendly caucasian owner. I’m a bit perplexed with the powdered orange juice though that came with the breakfast, but overall that’s forgivable (well, if they have alternative fresh orange juice to order separately). But yes the food is good, but Angelina’s still took the floor at the top spot! So more eye-candies for you:

2013-05-14 11.55.47

2013-05-14 13.19.04

2013-05-14 15.18.07

2013-05-14 15.19.32Restaurants and pubs

2013-05-14 18.00.55

2013-05-15 11.20.412013-05-15 12.24.232013-05-15 12.25.36

2013-05-15 17.06.40Now the food stuffs :

2013-05-15 13.06.392013-05-15 13.06.432013-05-15 13.14.02

2013-05-15 13.28.232013-05-14 16.00.34Ahhh… life is beautiful!

2013-05-16 08.03.09

You’ll never be hungry in Malapascua!

2013-05-16 10.10.172013-05-16 10.10.19Hope the pictures here spoke a thousand words!

Image And here’s the sunset which had SET THE FINALE… Beautiful!… Yay! Malapascua Island….ticked! Couldn’t wait for what’s more out there, Fritzie x


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