Cebu City (view from Beverly Hills, Lahug)

Why I have been wanting to tour Cebu is, first I didn’t really grow-up from here. And it has been 2 years now since I arrived from Australia and haven’t really seen what tourists come here for LOL! So let’s begin:

May I just insert here a little background of Cebu in general, with photos not from our tour but random photos found online:


(from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cebu_City_Montage_II.png)


(from : http://retiringphilippines.org/tag/cebu-city/)

Cebu is amazing! Starbucks, Bo’s Coffee, etc. are everywhere, food is diversified from of course native
Filipino cuisines, to Chinese, western/American  (TGIF, Army Navy, Pancake House and many McDonalds and KFC), Australian, Japanese (oh tons of them!), Korean and some French patisseries  offered in many menus.

Clothes shopping are a favourite! Fresh produce can now be found in affordable prices in major supermarkets. Chemists, convenience stores and 24-hour food chains are everywhere, not to mention the nearby beach place, Lapulapu City (where the airport is) and where Shangri-La, Movenpick (formerly Hilton) among the best featured beach resorts are, from around 500 of them including the little beach resorts everywhere.

Now with the tour I availed:

Let us start with QUEST HOTEL. Quest Hotel is in Cebu Business Park/Ayala and in Cebu City. We were picked up by the touring company’s van from the hotel.




2013-05-24 16.53.17

And yes, undeterred by being very close to our place in the past (but even now, being a resident of the same city), it’s just my 4th visit at this Philippine’s most historical spot, the start of Christianity, Mactan Shrine built for Batte of Mactan between Portuguese-Spanish Magellan and the native chieftain, Lapulapu:


Cebu is known to be the best guitar-maker in the country, and it is in Lapulapu that the quality makers they said, are located:



Our heritage explains it…filipinos like the rest of Asians and Italians and of course the Spanish, we love food. Which is why food hails an important part LOL! :







IMG_9300 IMG_9292

IMG_9301 2013-05-24 13.44.26

Okay I’ll put an end to your mumbling tummy now! LOL!

Next —> the Taoist Temple at the Beverly Hills. Exhilarating view of the city that you’d definitely love! What I love about the trip is, you’d get infos about Cebu including it’s traffic and current events from the tour guide, and these info will only be acquired if you’ll get to read the papers everyday or other historical facts are so good which can only be acquired thru extensive researches. Which, one of those is of course the Beverly Hills’ subdivision/estate’s presence in Cebu City which until now, only the rich and famous could live! (wow!)    :

IMG_9302 IMG_9325  IMG_9359

Next stop is the Heritage of Cebu. Located in Parian, Cebu  City, this place is almost just overlooked especially by the locals who live just around the area. It’s so meaningful actually, since the street of Parian is one of the oldest in addition to the oldest street of the country, Colon. Heritage of Cebu includes the statues of Ferdinand Magellan and Lapulapu, the historic Sto. Nino and the start of Christianity in the Philippines:


IMG_9396 IMG_9392 IMG_9365

One of the stops then is the oldest Spanish family home in Cebu. Located also in Parian, this house is 338 years old, OMG! And look at the furnitures :



Then the last stop is the Sto. Nino church which is known to the whole Christian population in the Philippines, and I just went then to the Magellan’s Cross which is of course very historical in nature :

IMG_9488 IMG_9464

But of course, we were “tourists” that time (haha!)… we need to have a last stop for souvenirs, Islands (Souvenirs) company always got them all, shirts, memorabilias, food, and just recently, their hotels as well…


And a fulfilling day that is… there’s always something to do in this world, and there are always ways not to be soaked in TV at home LOL! I just feel so lucky to be resilient, and find “my own new journey”. Life is good! Ciao everyone!


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