Bucket List No. 93 : Moalboal … revisited

2013-06-09 07.17.25

2013-06-09 10.07.25

MOALBOAL! [mo-wal-bo-wal]

Went there again for a refreshing moment, and I never fail.  Although there’s not much of a piece of beach for sun soaking, the popular Moalboal is a splendour for dive fanatics. There’s a beach actually but it’s a bit of a distance from the centre where nice coffee shops and restos are. So I stick to staying within Moalboal and wander around aimlessly.

So let’s get the ball rolling, beautiful photos for you :

2013-06-09 08.48.05

Sunloungers at the beachfront of Cabana hotel.

2013-06-09 08.46.56

Food :

There is a new French Coffee shop here, called “The Coffee Shop Panagsama”. Panagsama is the name of this main famous beach in Moalboal. Exquisite coffee and lush desserts! Lovely! :

And other restaurants too

2013-06-08 19.27.47

Mouth-drolling gigantic Lasagna from Chili Bar.

2013-06-08 19.35.56

Beautiful taste, I could smell the cumin on the meat sauce.

2013-06-08 19.05.11

2013-06-08 15.34.20

Above : La Cucina Italiana

2013-06-09 08.50.56

Above photo : best thing in travelling is the food-hop! LOL! And this pretty mango shake is from La Tegola – Moalboal! Yes you’re right, I was surprised there is one, it’s called Cucina Italiana Marina, operated by La Tegola Italian Restaurant,  ohhh Italian menu here is so fab!

2013-06-09 08.45.44

2013-06-09 08.43.17

Beverages at La Tegola at above photo.

2013-06-09 08.44.07

Delectable menu at La Tegola photo above.

2013-06-09 08.09.46

Above photo : Breakfast at Sunshine Restaurant. Yum!

Accomodations and Dive Shops :

2013-06-08 15.30.09

This sand above is just a little piece of shore you can drench to get the sun, might not be good idea to sunbathe here when there are boats docking from time to time.


Above photo : Cabana Hotel, one of the most expensive in Panagsama Beach.

2013-06-08 15.36.52

Moalboal is about 2.5 to 3 hours from Cebu City to the town centre Moalboal. There are two famous places, Panagsama Beach and Basdaku Beach. Panagsama is where the fab restos, bars and top accommodations. White Beach Basdaku is where the fine powdery white beach is, but nothing much there if you love night life and succulent cuisine.

2013-06-08 16.00.15
New friends I met at photo above.

Some tips that might help:

1. Moalboal is rocky. It is best to snorkel dive here than expecting that this is gonna be like, Boracay or Alona Beach in Panglao, or Malapascua. You’ll be disappointed if that is what you wanted.

2. Panagsama, Moalboal is where the hippy crowd is, if you want the quieter side, and the wide white-sand beach, you can head to Basdaku. Approximately an hour travel using tricycles (we don’t call our tricycles as Tuk-Tuks  as how they call it in Thailand, we call it as “TRICYCLE” lol! Yes we seriously do) that you can hire for 100 pesos (approx 2.5 USD)

3. Pescador Island is a great place to dive, beautiful corals and marine life. You can hire a boat or inquire from diving companies if they can put you into a group tour so you can save, as hiring the boat for yourself privately will cost 4000 to 5000 pesos (approx. 100 to 125 USD)

4. I might not recommend the place if you bring children with you, I myself was discouraged with the scene of women on streets late night, sad, so sad. And as a citizen, I think I am sharing the same clamour of those around the world who have these enormous problems with things like this.

5. Take a bus, but the AIRCONDITIONED bus. You’ve been warned, LOL! Taxis from the airport could cost you much. Buses are comfortable, especially the airconditioned bus. Free Wi-Fi! Yay! Also, one alternative is the V-Hire (Van Hire) a van to share with other public, 14-seater so faster and more convenient than buses, although depending on your seat you might find squeaky room for your legs so choose the seat with more room for legs as you will be sitting there for like 2.5 hours to 3. V-Hire are airconditioned and leaves from Citi-Link in Cebu City.

So my friends, this is another ticking-of-the-box activity, Moalboal, i.e.

Thank you for following and we have now reached down to 91! Beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Bucket List No. 93 : Moalboal … revisited

    • HI Annette, I forgot to mention Moalboal’s famous for diving. Pescador Island is about 20mins from the Moalboal main town and reefs are so beautiful! Thank you for dropping by, the succeeding blogs would detail out To- and Fro- and details of expenses and most recommended accommodations and restos. Cheers!

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