Bucket List No. 92 : Costabella Resort… revisited

I needed a getaway for a weekend. By 2013, as I was living in Mactan, Lapulapu City I need not travel afar to savor some relaxing weekend-er. I needed somewhere within Mactan Island, a resort that is not flooded with party teenagers (oh gosh I’m already acting like an old maid or worse hermit, hating noise)… I needed a place where I can take my little notebook of thoughts writing my plans for the next coming months as I am slowly ticking bucket list off. Somewhere I can properly lie in silence without worrying about anything, but not too isolated either. A place that can be mine for a day to think, sit on a sunlounger facing the calm sea and horizons, undisturbed while sipping a dazzling drink or a mango smoothie … and Costabella Tropical Beach Resort perfectly ticked all the requirements of the nitpicky.

From the moment I stepped foot onto the premises of the resort, as the place felt familiar, I vividly brought back reminisces how Costabella was yet the same as before. 2013-06-16 12.17.19ImageIts like an old chum that you’d leap for joy seeing it again. I didn’t do that literally of course, but I felt brimming with joys knowing I made a right decision for picking the resort for mini-weekender getaway. Reception welcomed me with warmth, detailed my preferences I availed to and looked forward of course to that fab buffet lunch waiting for me after my dips in the pool or the on-and-off tests of the lapping waves at the beach.

Some places are just gems to some people. I could say Costabella is like a little hideaway gem for me, just a perfect nook out on my little beach, tucked on the coast of Mactan Island, accessible yet not blown with inflated tourism so I could still enjoy serenity but serviced meals are within reach.

Some jetskis, banana boats and other action-filled activities are present for the rather adventure buffs, without compromising the quietness needed for those like me who needs seclusion for a day, alone and relaxed.

I selfishly owned this part of the beach all to myself for quite a while. I must be lucky that day! The Universe is on my side, I needed the space.

An epicurean, when on a break, is surely indulging to what else… Gastronomic delights! It’s Filipino cuisine served on that day I visited. Pretty sure they vary menus each day.

A little plan of unwinding turned out to be a perfect short getaway. Couldn’t wait to come back and splurge on registering for a couple of nights perhaps, laze around the beach, refresh on the reinvigorating pool, stuff on great food and just have a good time.2013-06-16 12.59.40

Costabella never loses its charm. I don’t know what it is specifically that made this place special. Maybe it’s how they maintained the smooth, relaxing atmosphere that people would feel straight away that they are there to soften the day and loosening up. Maybe it’s with their amenities well-kept. Or through keeping the place spotlessly clean, update some tiny bits that need fixings, or is it just the exceptional staff service that is always up there? I don’t know the answer, but I feel like it’s all of that. On your visit, it might help that I’d note some tidbits of these below so you can plan yours:

1. Costabella staff are incredibly outstanding. I mean it in saying world-class! Ready with those genuine helpfulness and smiles from when you step inside, greeted by the guards (yes even guards are obviously well-trained, suited to resorts-sort of friendliness).

2. Restaurant is deployed with ample staff, so you are really looked after.

3. However, if you are looking for a setup like you are expecting this is gonna be Boracay-like or Malapascua-like, no you’re not gonna find one like those mile-long strip of sands in Lapulapu Cebu. Costabella’s beach area is a bit small compared to those islands mentioned because its area is a chunk of the Mactan Island, same as how other plush resorts here also have : chunk of the beach.

4. It’s located at Barangay Buyong, Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines. About 15 minutes away from the Mactan International Airport and a walk away/ 3km (if 3km is walkable for you?) from Maribago Blue Waters Resort and Spa – Cebu, Philippines.

You can actually just take a jeepney from main city of Lapulapu, little multicabs with “So-ong/ Maribago” routes [ Punta Engaño/ Mactan routes are going to Shangri-La which is separated by a diversion road] and stop at Maribago Blue Waters and then take the tricycle from there (a DIY to local visitors who want to save fares). Or if taxis are a preference, then there are many taxis from main city towards the place. Take note of the address indicated above and the landmarks noted here because other taxi drivers might not be familiar especially ones from Cebu City.

5. Price is good considering the swanky amenities, impeccable surrounds, security of the place, good food, good service, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, just within Mactan and the relaxing ambiance in general.
2013-06-16 11.17.40Just a bit of info that: I am not in any way connected with Costabella Resort and just reviewing the said establishment from my own experience, and kept on coming back. I paid my day pass here and in none the way sponsored by the hotel. So if you have inquiries with them please contact Costabella Resort directly. I can assure you of a top-class service from them!

Fritzie xoxo ❤



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