Bucket List No. 87 : EL NIDO, PALAWAN

2013-08-25 14.16.01


A beauteous piece of creation, indeed ‘nest-ful’ of magnificence!

Breathtaking sights of magnificent turquoise waters to the stunning limestone mountain formations, wildlife, glimmering fine white sand beaches…nature’s bounty. Is this a piece of heaven?

Aye, aye, chums! I’ve finally ticked El Nido, Palawan, Philippines on my list! A plain town, ordinary like the rest of the quiet towns in the Philippines, but full-packed with extraordinary beauty!

We flew-in to Puerto Princesa (had the Underground River Tour there) and took the 6-hour bumpy-road-crazy-land-travel Puerto to El Nido. Yes that was 6 hours! El Nido town has an airport exclusive to ITI airlines; which of course means it’s so expensive, 11,500 pesos return Manila to El Nido routes only. And since we wanted to see the Underground River as well, then flying in Cebu to Puerto is the only choice now. Stayed one night in El Nido town as we were arriving late and moved to exclusive island resort called Miniloc Island Resort, in which one of the chain resorts in El Nido. The others are Lagen Island Resort, Apulit Island Resort, and the new one is the Pangalusian Island Resort which is so far the most expensive. Miniloc and Lagen guests has the option to visit the other resort and have lunch there, etc.

Aside from their chain accommodations, they have this ‘beach clubs” on different islands again, like the Entalula beach club where you can dine exclusively, the speedboats will take you there and the ‘servants’ are all yours – feeling like a royalty! Best for romantic escapades!


Photo above is a view from Ipil Suites – El Nido (which I will also do a review about) and oh wow! Isn’t it nice to wake up with this view greeting you? OMG, I wanna retire here! (hmmm..maybe 3 months here, then 3 months in Manila, then 3 months in Cebu and 3 months outside of country? Well, that’s yet 30 more years to go haha!)


From the Ipil Suites’ 360 bar  – which they are now yet closing for guests’ access, according to what I’ve read, they use to serve the breakfasts here. The management should reconsider taking advantage of this view for the guests, this is one of their signatures and now stopped the use of this yet, don’t really know why.


The El Nido town angles below:


El Nido town, looks no different to any rudimentary fishing village, in which perhaps where they really started (like most of the beach tourist spots in the Philippines and maybe Asia?)

The Miniloc Island Resort:

2013-08-26 08.54.14

2013-08-25 13.37.17

Cute palm tree leaves they manicure to origamis greeting us goodnight and a lei made of coconut leaves again.

2013-08-26 07.47.55

My blueberry waffle breakfast! Oh I love it!

2013-08-26 09.04.19

Then the island hopping tours included in the room rates – so if you will account it, it may seem to just worth the money you are paying for the room rates because it’s fullboard meals, non-motorized water sports are free : Hobie cat, Kayak, Snorkeling gears, fins, etc are free of use, and these island tours : sunset tour, Entatula island, Cugdonon Cave, Cathedral Cave, the Small and Big Lagoon in Miniloc and the transfers to their sister resort, Lagen is all free… so thought it’s good value.

Here are the island hopping tour:

2013-08-25 14.16.01

2013-08-25 14.17.13

2013-08-25 14.36.51

I apparently enjoyed the kayaking that takes you to the abstract slopes of the limestones karsts.

Snake Island below :

2013-08-25 14.37.02

There could really be a paradise on earth!

2013-08-25 17.57.33

My cocktail above. The roomrates are all in, but drinks are not included. You will have free flowing coffee and juices in the morning though. But softdrinks aren’t included.

Lagen Island Resort next, sister resort of Miniloc Island Resort with pool, so a little bit more expensive in rates, and it’s modern in aura.

The dazzling photos doesn’t give much expression on how grand these places are! You must experience it yourself and you will agree that it could be most appropriate that I use “grand” word all along! 🙂


A pat on your shoulder for working hard, get yourself this treat! Leave for El Nido now!

My lovelies, join me again next time!

Blush on my cheeks,

Fritzie xx ❤


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