Camotes Island’s “comfortable” accommodations

So this post entails some comfortable accommodations in Camotes Island, Cebu. These are only two hotels that I can recommend. I quoted comfortable because that’s the subtle alternative I could find into saying, these are a bit UPMARKET!


So anyway, here’s some docus for you. First off –  SANTIAGO BAY GARDEN RESORT:







[000583]Amenities at the hotel are good especially this inviting pool you can’t help but be tempted to dip straight away. Much that this infinity pool overlooks at the ocean down below, the ‘infinity view’ is its magic because of how you’d feel once you’re in the pool leaning on the edge looking up to where your sight can reach. It won’t be called infinity for nothing.

ImageRates at Santiago Garden starts from PhP1500 per night [(as of October 2013) in Philippine peso]

[000591]Excuse my nuisance at the photos 😀



So quiet, so relaxing, should be the perfect place to unwind surely.



So this is the view now from down below. If you can see the pink building that is Santiago Bay Garden Hotel and the pool is up there somewhere to its right side (our left from this view). You can go down to this part of the beach from the hotel to hunt for food and drinks or to just have a quick stroll at the sands. Not too clean and sparkling, I know but the sands here is vast as the sea recedes on low tide.


Santiago Bay Garden Resort’s Jetski for 1000 pesos per 15 mins.



Pito’s Sutokil / Sugba-Towa-Kilaw (Grill-Fish Soup-Ceviche) may be the most popular

ImageA coconut drink is of course to-be-had when you’re in a tropical island, ‘why not, coconut!’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Had the best of time when we were just wandering aimlessly at the beach waiting for sundown and while it wasn’t too hot. The scenery is just so pleasantly-peaceful and invigorating to some weary souls working so hard back in the city of Cebu (and also now working so hard on how to insert this trip to Camotes Island for a short weekend getaway).

So now we come to the second, and the highlight of my roving, truly the paradise indeed! – MANGODLONG PARADISE BEACH RESORT :




This beauty is surely a treasure on this island as it had maintained the place peaceful while there could be a little crowd at times when it’s weekends and families are running from here to there. Didn’t bother us at all and went on to grasp the elegance of the place and can’t wait to savor some relaxing slice of time, of course, we can’t miss so many photo ops around the place.

ImageBeing loopy sometimes.

[000626]Looks like my cushion is missing.

ImageSwim-up bar



[000683]Rates here starts from 2700 pesos (as of October 2013)

[000681]Kids could have a good time too.

[000669]While there is a restaurant and a generous space for those who needs serenity.


Certainly there could be more beautiful islands out there, unspoiled and serene! Glad I’ve already visited some as Philippines got 7,107 islands, I might need 700 years life to explore all of them haha! So yes okay, I think I’m already happy with the few ones I’ve seen. 3 – 4  more Philippine destinations and the next Asia (cross-fingers!) Yay! Super yay!!!

Love from here! ❤

Sands between my toes,

Fritzie xx


5 thoughts on “Camotes Island’s “comfortable” accommodations

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    • Hi Alfred, your comment to my post is a bit out of the way and in fact, advertising your business. Please use your own business site if you have one and not here because I am not in any way connected to your business, nor my blog had benefited from your business. Wise postings is encouraged, please.

  2. im sorry admin…how can i delete the my post??? thank you admin… so sorry… i thought my post can help to the readers of your blogs… and i thought it can help to others so that they can inquire anything about camotes… im so sorry admin…

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