Supertyphoon Haiyan : One of the most powerful storms ever recorded

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From the title itself this post doesn’t give any happy news. Despite my want that this blog will contain my list of things wanting to do, I guess I don’t need to put and “boast” in a bucket list number that I am going to help people in need on the areas in the Philippines most devastated (which is an understatement, better use the word WIPED OFF or SMASHED) on Friday, November 8, 2013 by the “One of the most powerful storms ever recorded”, HAIYAN  (

I am from Lapulapu City, Cebu, our damages were minor, minor i.e., compared to Tacloban, Leyte and Samar as we are enclosed by other provinces in circumference. Therefore, although we had that disastrous typhoon hit us, but the damages were not as worse as the rest of the Philippines, especially Tacloban. Before that, may I tackle Coron, Palawan, a bit first since I was there just recently.


The body of a man lies among the debris as another tries to walk towards damaged houses after Typhoon Haiyan hit the municipality of Coron, Palawan province. November 9, 2013.

I went to Coron, Palawan lately. In fact, just a week ago in which I’ve written a post about that. Photo above is  so much distressing.

Don’t know which part of Coron this photo above is, but apparently it’s where the sea-view resorts were built (or used to be).


Residents recover the body of a victim after Typhoon Haiyan hit the municipality of Coron, Palawan province in central Philippines. November 9, 2013.

Felt so much sadness for these people. Coron being located at the far west of the Philippine archipelago, it is where Supertyphoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda when it entered Philippine Area of Responsibility) exited. As it landed in Samar and Leyte areas on the East.

And one prominent structure in Mt. Tapyas, popular for mountain climbing for sunset view, the cross is gone! :

One of the package tours in Coron is to climb Mt. Tapyas to get that perfect view during sunset overlooking the bay and the town – a tour I didn’t avail of, this made me feel more sad now.

My heart reaches out to those in Coron, Palawan – one of my favourite places in the Philippines! I couldn’t communicate to anyone, in which the only way I could reach is thru the number I’ve saved on my phone when I booked for my accommodation when I was there at that time I texted them to please clean up my room when I left for the Kayangan tour. Could not get any sign if the friends I gained there in my short stay, were okay.

Click here for more photos of Coron and Westown Hotel ravaged by the typhoon, and how public markets, and town infrastructures were washed-out.

May I warn my readers that the following photos I would share from different sources are disturbing, this is where the Haiyan made its first landfall. Samar and Leyte provinces, east of Cebu.

Tacloban, the capital of Leyte is now merely a ghost town.

In the picture above, I gave in.

I thought of not posting it anymore, as I could not even look at it straight. But thought its for the information of people around the globe that it was this worse and sad. I think the pic is too unbearable to look at it, as it shows, it comes from a twitter post of somebody which has also gained a lot of shares in Facebook. No, I didn’t share because I cannot bear. But here, I think you deserve to see the worst.

The earthquake on October 15, 2013 that had hit Bohol, Cebu’s neighbour is my first experience of a tremendous tremor. Have had minor ones before but not that worse. This typhoon is of course my most terrible experience eventhough our damage is not as bad as other places in the Philippines. And this is the first time that the whole of the Philippines suffered, when we are used to having typhoons but at one place at a time during typhoon seasons, but this one has a heavy blow on almost all parts of the Philippines.

Cebu province’s most affected areas are Bantayan Island, Daanbantayan town, Malapascua Island and those others on the north. Ravaged by the storm, most houses were “flat-out” and if there are left standing, their roofs came off.

Luckily us, especially us in Lapulapu City/ Mactan Island, we were back to normal at 10 PM, internet’s restored, power’s back and people did some minor repairs and life went on. I was just literally jaw-dropped when I saw a big cloud of wind right before my eyes with a roaring sound, that was terrible!  Leyte and Samar had the worst aftermath, with death tolls predicting to rise to 10,000. Very very heart wretching.



AFP News/Tara Yap – A damaged village hall lies partially collapsed in water in the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan in Iloilo, central Philippines on November 9, 2013

So grateful to the kind hearts like this:

Stating :

Aid efforts begin after typhoon Haiyan kills 10,000 in Philippines: [live updates]

• 10,000 people are reported dead in the central Philippine province of Leyte
• EU pledges initial €3m as international assistance efforts begin
• Haiyan becomes one of the strongest recorded storms ever to make landfall
• Philippines calls for help as relief effort gears up
• Many parts of Philippines inaccessible to government and aid, official say
Survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes after it was washed ashore in Tacloban city, Leyte province central Philippines on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013.

Survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes after it was washed ashore in Tacloban city, Leyte province central Philippines on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013. Photograph: Aaron Favila/AP

 The whole Philippine nation are so grateful to the wonderful people around the world who had spared their extra goods and cash to help out people especially at the worst affected areas. We are moved on how the whole world created movement for donations and to volunteer.
I myself opted to not to celebrate my 33rd birthday on Wednesday November 13 but instead donate what I’m going to spend to the people in Tacloban, Leyte and nearby towns – the battered area where Typhoon Haiyan first landed, then  little help too to Malapascua Island (which I love), Bantayan Island (one of my best vacation spot) at north of Cebu, and Coron, Palawan where I’ve been recently. I will just be donating bottles of drinking water which is one of their major necessity. I have placed here in my previous post that I will be donating thru my friend, Ryan Garcia as he goes home to  Biliran, Samar. No communication lines yet so I have no update on how he is as of n ow when he went home to check out his family there. So I will also reach out, in my own little humble way, to other places other than Tacloban (in which UN, European Union, Worldwide organizations are focusing to, which is good because they are the most-battered).
It is so touching to see many people had organized movements to help the victims:
Click here for a good summary on the updates of the effects of the devastation Typhoon Haiyan and how there’s a full alert because people there are already looting, first for food, but then some are taking advantage stealing money and other goods, which we heavily criticize, of course.
European Union donates, click here. Thank you EU!
Red Cross is organizing ways to trace missing family members and relatives too.
Habitat for Humanity organization, for example, has encouraged a program entitled : Rebuild the Philippines.
IT people, developers, especially social media techs developed initiatives for a virtual collaboration to help out and map relief operations. 
And also this, which I really have admired, for Viber to make available free calls to anywhere in the world, whether the number called has a Viber account or not, for FREE. The aim is for victims to inform their love ones around the world that they are okay.
C130 landed in Guiuan airstrip. A huge cargo plane.
Marines arrive in Phils here.
Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington heading towards Tacloban in this link here, thank you, USA!
Sadly an Australian citizen died from typhoon Haiyan while he’s in the Philippines, but Australia donated massive amounts. Thank you Australia! And another link here, kindly click.
The Vatican even donated as well. Click here. We are so privileged with all these people around us. Us here who are not affected and continued our lives, are just hoping that these donations will reach the victims up to the last cent, and greedy people will not hoard them, deliberations of people sometimes does have problems especially middlemen who will accept donations in behalf.  Thank you Vatican!
Australia, Japan, Europe and all other nations hand-in-hand to reach us out. This had awaken us, that in this downmost bitter times, the whole world is there to spare some from their own.
I personally, couldn’t even express enough how thankful we are seeing the news, Australia, US troops landed in Leyte for medical and rebuilding assistance. Relief operations alerted the  whole world. Majority of the whole Philippines was affected, and these areas in the East had the severe devastation. But please be mindful about your donations, it’s better to safely donate at Red Cross, or better yet send goods and in-kind than cash. So please beware of FAKE DONATION centres, especially online and thru SMS.
photo by : Wally Santana/Associated Press. People board on American military evacuation flight in Tacloban.
Thank you for reading, I changed this bottom part (from my last post few days back) for an update. 
I will see you soon in my next post, of trying to tick my bucket list of places to go around the world, starting from my home country, Philippines. But because of this bitter times now, I don’t know if I could travel and “enjoy” as what this blog is supposed to be about. Since I have 2 remaining Philippine spots before I go for Asian series, then other continents  maybe (cross-fingers, God-willing)? But my heart ails now so I don’t know if I’d still take that trip that’s already booked next week. Anyway, will update here for sure.
Keep safe, everyone!
Hasta Mañana,

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