Bucket List No. 84 : BORACAY ISLAND… revisited


photo from BoracayBlog

I’ll call this trip : RECHARGING AND STIMULATION 😉

BORACAY, when mentioned, intoxicating thoughts of both flour-soft powdery white sand and vivacious parties come to mind! Well, what can I say? Yes indeed! It’s vibrant life, and relaxing pristine sceneries is a cure to city-life wearied lass 😉

It has been crazy at work these days, like it has been a culmination of a year’s worth of work coming into fruition lately, so you can imagine how I’ve looked forward to this break!


The long stretch of Boracay white beach.
Photo from attracttour

2013-11-24 09.38.25


Looking onto a DSLR camera yet, especially for International trips coming so soon so my photos here doesn’t really give justice to the exhilarating scenes of Boracay, now my fave place… and actually everybody else’s fave place too  🙂

2013-11-23 15.02.42


2013-11-24 10.15.22

Planning to live here in Boracay for a month before flying out to cold 4-season country in 2014. Watchutink? 🙂

Not my first time in Boracay, but still spellbound with its stunning charm! Boracay Island, by the way, is the most famous and the top tourist-y in the Philippines. Most popular, and by that comes, most expensive beach vacation place too. It gained popularity around the world, and even mentioned in CNN Travel. And actually the No. 1 WORLD’S BEST ISLAND IN 2012 in Travel +  Leisure.

2013-11-23 12.54.49

I call my repeat places as to have revisited, as I want memories to restart, i.e., to reboot. In IT, if you reboot, you’ll lose temporary data, bad sectors and destructive files. So if I’d go to that place again, wonders are recreated and memories of the past are sent to recycle bin. 😀

2013-11-23 13.04.47

2013-11-24 09.36.01

Crystal Sands’ sunloungers.


Boracay white beach strip spanning from here to there!

2013-11-23 15.05.00

Tourists deluge.

Starting to get busy now in November. People will flock during December as its holidays and April and May is the absolute crowd.


2013-11-23 14.29.46

Setting up for a wedding… lovely!

FILE7040Many hotels eyeing on for the next visit. The District is one of them, also Astorias Hotel and Nandaya, maybe Boracay Regency/ Hennan too? – the prime beachfront ones in upscale range. Hmmm…

2013-11-24 10.15.12

2013-11-24 08.40.42

This for your breakfast view… I don’t wanna go home!!!

2013-11-23 15.07.01


2013-11-24 09.35.54

Peace, time to think, time to splurge thyself 😉

Here and now, is there any lovelier than this?

2013-11-23 16.28.13


2013-11-23 13.44.42

Looks like these kids are good photographers, too LOL

If you’ll visit blogs or FB photos of friends who have been to Boracay, photos like these are common, posing on sandcastle arts 🙂

2013-11-24 07.53.36

Talented young locals form sandcastles by hand.

You can ask little kids to take photos of you by their sandcastles. One cheeky boy says, “no pay Ma’am, only donation” 🙂 So gave him 20 pesos for my photos here.

Where to grab a grub in Boracay:

Oh my, restos, bars, food stalls, coffeeshops, Nespresso lounge, McDonald’s, Army Navy, Starbucks, Shakey’s and Yellow Cab Pizza, to name a few are scattered like pebbles around Boracay. It was funny how it took an hour to walk like myriad miles away from my hotel to supposedly stroll and decide what’s for dinner. So after like, 4o minutes (one-way) of walking and didn’t even notice it was that far already, still haven’t decided so went to Real Coffee to grab cafe latte  and banana-walnut muffin 🙂


2013-11-23 15.46.48


2013-11-23 16.19.10

The favourite Real Coffee and its Calamansi muffin had moved at the second floor of Sea World just this August 2013.

2013-11-24 08.39.25

Beautiful breakfast with this view for free (LOL), at Crystal Sands… Would truly recommend Crystal Sands, you’d love not only the good food but the superb service as well, is impressive! Keep it up!

2013-11-23 16.21.27

Fresh seafood for tonight’s barbecue?

Photo above is from Paraiso Grill’s wide-array of choices. Delicious lobster. My favourite is in garlic-butter sauce at 290 pesos per 100g. One lobster may go til 800g… heavy, and heavy on the pocket too!



2013-11-23 14.23.49

Does Obama know he already have a grill in Boracay? Hehe!

2013-11-23 17.39.25
Seabreeze Restaurant of Boracay Regency at 745 pesos per pax with wide strand of International Buffet. Will definitely have this one in my next visit!
2013-11-23 18.10.22

At Bamboo Restaurant

Not so impressed with the food at Bamboo Restaurant. Just an advice, and personal review : there are tons of other buffet restos you could try. Manager (or perhaps she’s the owner) of Bamboo Restaurant’s ill-attitude yelling at staff infront of customers didn’t help too.

2013-11-23 21.25.56 Night life in Boracay is effervescent! Epic bar is the most famous, and I guess Summer Place which both gets vigorous at night. Epic bar is more of the edge there, cozy environment 🙂


Japanese, American, European, Korean, Chinese of course, Mexican, French, English breakfasts and specially Filipino cuisines are in magnanimous numbers! So hard to decide where to eat next dinner 😀


2013-11-24 09.09.29

Mango smoothies is a no-brainer to try in this tropical country that boasts mango at its finest! – at Crystal Sands

I was getting ready for the sunshine to seep through my bronzing skin, basted with my magnanimous amount of moisturizers, lemon-water and smoothies on my side is waiting to gorge. Could you still complain? 😉

2013-11-24 09.10.54


2013-11-24 09.39.24


2013-11-23 17.44.29

Now the sandcastle’s on fire 😀

Boracay’s skies refracts into hue of periwinkle and agate as it cools down to the night. Is this why it’s perfect as romantic getaway? 😉


This is absolutely perfect! And I captured this just in time when the sun’s about to hide already.

2013-11-23 17.17.43

Strange sunset, piercing thru my head, LOL!

Watching the sunset as it dips low from the horizon, is famous in Boracay. A natural marvel, Boracay that is! 🙂

A bit of Boracay stuffs that might help you:

1. Around the world, it pays off why it’s more expensive during High-Peak Season. Well, no. 1 is : less likely you’ll be bored to death at airports if there are delayed flights. Weather in the tropics are unpredictable. But last week of March and definitely April and May are almost guaranteed of no pouring rains and storms. 2013-11-23 14.21.31

2. March, April and May though, Boracay’s busiest. Booking 2 months before is advised.

3. Real Coffee is now at SeaWorld Dive.

4. The Chocolate Mati Sin is missing at my visit. Why? Because Zuzuni restaurant is temporarily closed 😦

5. Boracay’s power is on-and-off at this time (November 2013) because of the damages from Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda. Other than that, everything’s back to business and carried on. So if coming in the next month or less, it’s best to choose hotel with generators 🙂

6. More and more grand hotels and accommodations are being built now, and even new establishments, shops and food kiosks, souvenirs and specialty stores. So expect all-in-one vacation when in Boracay (though prices are tripled here compared to shopping in supermalls like in Manila or Cebu).

2013-11-24 08.15.17

Boracay Uptown. Sbarro Pizza is here, coffeeshops, ice cream and sundae stalls, also Paradiso grill and Dulcinea Suites.

7. Transfers from airport to Caticlan jetty port, to Boracay port then to your hotel was a breeze! Boracay tourism is doing great! DIY your transfers, you can save up to $10.

2013-11-23 13.39.04

Mi amigos y amigas, hope I brought you some bits of info that could help if you’d plan for a Boracay trip in the future, though it was more of my view-side-of-things and as per own experience… the flashpacker experience i.e., hehehe! Couldn’t be any luckier to still sneak out from pressing times from work and get this holiday treats as reward.

2013-11-24 07.52.04

So dear readers, there is something about being peaceful from within that makes a woman attractive. There’s something about being an independent woman that makes one gleaming with radiance! I just think that I do agree, independence makes a woman sexy!

Apparently, possibilities are endless! So keep exploring, keep rewarding yourself for being a survivor! 🙂

See you in my next destinations!

My thoughts still embellished with mesmerizing Boracay,

FILE6799                   Fritzie xx


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