Cruisin’ all the way to the finish line : 2013 AND THE BEST OF THE RECENT YEARS! – A YEAR-ENDER REPORT ;)

End of the year 2013, where did the time go?! Three weeks before Christmas and few sleeps before the earth will welcome another year, I am now in Alona Beach, Panglao Island writing this recap of my accomplishments (if there are any?) in the recent few years.  Hurray for today!

The sunset this afternoon was splendid, the breezy night made the candle-lit dinner tonight perfect, and now, while sipping Shirley temple, I’d join the rat race of internet busy-bums in the next hours to compile this entry to the blog which I’d call :  A Year-Ender Report 🙂  Very corporate, but couldn’t find any better title!


The magical sunset of Alona beach.

Had worked all the way up to the finish line with nose to the grindstone. But looking back to the years passed, well it has been fairly-beautiful! In fact, amazing!


It wasn’t deliberate that it should be ME, because the full word is SUM-ME-R in Ayala Cebu, but I was astonished checking the photo later, so yes this is me! me! me! me! 

So here, infront of my laptop and a champagne glass on the other hand with some strawberries and cheese on the table on a breezy rooftop bar overlooking the sands and lights… come join me as we blaze the trail of those milestones the past wonderful years had brought! 992944_697675206914789_768414165_n This post is an aspiration to share the girl power entailing some good stuffs I’ve done (and gone to) over the past years which could have contributed to what I am today, propped up somehow 🙂 With wish that I could inspire others to keep that flame within you glowing because out there is a world waiting to be explored.


Masquerade Party, Cebu, Philippines, August 2012

2013-05-05 06.54.24

Ocean 101’s viewing deck – Siargao Island, Philippines

So what are the best things I had in the recent years?… Could be being a public servant, could be that I met more group of friends than what I already have (because my bunch of friends are not in Cebu but from where I went to College and of course my hometown), could be the few good things I tried that I was so coward about in the past.


PCOS Machine training, during my first time serving the National Elections 2013


My group who had inspired me!


We’ve planted a tree! Yay!

The beauty of my job is, I get to be with many people, in fact sometimes, literally many people! Haha! And what’s the bonus? I get the VIP seat at cocktails and parties LOL!- feeling lucky! 


Cocktail Party – Cebu, Philippines – August 2013


I’m surrounded with wonderful people who helped me steer away from the potholes!


Minutes away from our Firedance. Teachers’ Night 2013


And learnt that noone is perfect, just like I neither is perfect.


Grilled Chicken dinner – Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines – February 2013


SM Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines – August 2012

2013-03-16 14.24.14


and goof around them too!

And some Luau Party treats!



Luau Party. Cebu, Philippines – August 2013


Go on, get lost, wander without a map! The world’s huge, so huge possibilities too!


The crux is, if I ‘d be able to go on… Do I look like I haven’t? hihihi! – Bantayan Island, Philippines – June 2013

Total chaos + messy + gullible + crybaby = ME!

mayordomaMake it hard for them! Act like a ‘mayordoma’? bahahaha!

Perhaps sometimes be the queen of the weirdos


With a group of modern dancers – Cebu, Philippines – July 2012

or NOT be fairest among them all, bahahaha! :


Search for Miss CCC 2012

Oh girls! Just wanna have fun! :


The Black & White Party, August 2013

Sweep your feet off?


Ready for the Spanish Dance, Paseo de Narciso – Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines – October 2012

527539_3249546457839_932699128_nKeep yourself busy.


Cebu, Philippines – July 2011


And keep shining!


Me hosting Math and Science event in SM Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines – September 2012


Me hosting Nutrition Month celebration. Cebu, Philippines – July 2012


Goofing around while hosting Award’s Day


Looks like, I’ll get career in hosting in the future! Hahahaha!

30893_1185601180497_1219580_n (1)




Be a spoiler… 😀



Be a friend…


Smile and the world smiles with you!

Be a good citizen…


Extending help to victims of the Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda at north of Cebu

Be professional, and…

1380742_10201501637716241_2013042473_nIT Team, 2013

My 3 nieces, tres marias.

Be a kid too!

Sometimes the upside of not having kids on your own and just “borrow” ones is, they’re cute when they’re in good mood. But when they get crabby and grouchy, return them to the manufacturers! Hahaha!!!


So I feel amped-up with my life now. I thought that this time won’t come anymore. Things just fall into place and I worry no more. I don’t know, do they call this peace-of-mind?

Adversities, I’ve handled them with grace! Which is brilliant! 😉

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” —Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Big hugs to the people who were there thru thick and thin. 229949_3249540897700_2126306781_n


165776_1387638991316_6335414_n How could I have survived if not with my support system! Wonderful people! And I give back thru being a support system too. You know that when somebody says thank you and you see it in their eyes how much they mean it?  I mean families, teary-eyed parents who have hugged me because of helping them change their lives by creating ways for their sons/ daughters to finish a degree.


Graduation of Associate courses, 2013

I have received a big hug from a very humble mother who came one day and while wiping her tears she hugged me as if I am a superhero. The feeling is priceless! And now, doing it alone, I’ve survived TRIPLE their number from before, you are right, multiply their previous number by 3. I guess it’s just rewarding to help bright kids to excel their studies without worrying about what I haven’t worried when I was their age (thanks Mama and Daddy!).


Truly, life is full of surprises. ” Thanks to the storm, I was able to build brand new house! “  😉



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Canberra, ACT


The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia


flowers at Rydges Hotel, Canberra, Australia

NOW: 314108_3109261310798_871329421_n Well, it appears 4 to 5 years of sheer indulgence has caught up with me… in a good way! Outcome? I’ve transformed into a strong (oh, ever!), independent woman!

I am always grateful to the word resilience. And it’s incredible how I matured because I DO THANK NOW THOSE CHALLENGES THAT CAME MY WAY because if not for those then I am not this glistening with content and peace today.

So with all of you, let us wish for the best in 2014 and the coming years! May everyone have a blast this holiday season and wish you goodwill! Join me in my Asia travels next year and will update you with many reviews and stories.

Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday rush, gifts, families, smiles and kisses, hugs and love, food, fun, Christmas trees, fireworks and simply just being on holidays, the best season of the year! Above all, keep loving! Keep shining! Love is in the air!

Thank you for joining me in this cruisin’ to the best of the past years. How about your bravery the last years? What’s your story?

With heart brimming with love,


Fritzie xx


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