‘Tis the season, an amped-up holidays 2013!


Que vous avez eu un joyeux Noël et bonne nouvelle année!!!Hope everyone had the most wonderful year and joyous holidays! Is it 2014 already? Indeed, time slips by swiftly!

On my end, had a fabulous holidays this year although my bucket list of things-to-do and places-to-go is a bit stalled for now. I am on the Asia series phase already and I’m looking onto whether starting with Kota Kinabalu or Phuket or maybe Macau-Hongkong route? But I pretty feel I couldn’t get away from work this next 3 mos. so first Asia stop might happen 1st week of April yet.

As usual, I’ve always been hooked-up reading people around the world’s blogs of travels. I found these blogs below so helpful and inspiring (hope they don’t mind me mentioning them here as the places they featured in their blogs are absolutely on my list!) :

1.) The Planet D – a couple who have been bravely trekking (both literal and metaphor) all earth’s surfaces and I sooo envy their travels. I follow them in Facebook 🙂

2.) JimmyEatsWorld – He’s got an overwhelming capture of Sydney’s Darling Harbour and Opera House. Though I’ve been there too and had many shots of the iconic place, my photos were too beginners hehe! This link here gets you to his places in 2013 round-up.

3.) Traveleum – Oh he’s got amazing photos of Europe and the US. Unlike me that my words are bigger than my photos (haha!), his photos say a thousand words! Worth to check out!

Those are just 3 of my recent finds, excluding other favs.



So on my end, here are some colourful holidays scenarios you’ll get in the Philippines:

2013-12-22 19.01.56

2013-12-23 20.23.46

Filipinos are naturally party people. By party, I would mean, ludicrous fiestas, gatherings, laughs, loud beats, singing (the videoke), dancing, food, fetes, families and we love LOVE, we love dramatic television series, we love people, we love cuddling we love laughing our hearts out and celebrations in general! That’s what we are (On top of that, all of us can speak English 🙂 ). So despite the tragedies that came in 2013, you will be amazed how we still managed to smile and celebrate the season, mirthful.

2013-12-31 15.12.43

2013-12-23 20.22.54


Ain’t that good collections of Christmas Trees? 😀

2013-12-23 20.23.00

2013-12-23 20.29.08

And family gatherings also means to chow, Filipino occasions = major munch. I remember Mama prepares banquet of food when we kids were younger because everyone’s coming home from Uni in different cities, and everyday’s a fete! And since we are on a break, we will just be at home watching TV being lazy and Dad will drive us to near spring resorts to stop us playing Nintendo, haha!… Sigh…those were the days!

2013-12-31 13.22.48

Next generation : Nieces work hard to get what they want :))

So for 2013, holiday season became meaningful to me personally. Let’s wrap-up what’s with this year’s holidays. Let’s start with Moalboal :

2013-12-25 13.43.57

Yes I keep coming back to Moalboal [mo-wal-bo-wal]! It’s a pretty little tourist spot south of Cebu City, Philippines and full-packed of divers both young and old 🙂 Tourists around the world were undeniably lured to the magnificence of the natural beauty of the Philippines, and one of those are the diving spots. Beautiful marine life in Moalboal. So yes, this is called Christmas in Moalboal. Both the traditional 24th night of Filipinos, and the 25th Christmas lunch of westerners 🙂 Though I actually don’t celebrate Christmas – or the belief behind it that Jesus Christ was born on the 25th December because there are still many debates about that. So anyway, I’d leave that to the experts but will just keep loving the bargain sales and breaks. Moving on, pizza in one of the nights there:

2013-12-24 21.03.23

2013-12-24 21.04.51
Or shall I say, two of the nights spent in Moalboal were all for Chili’s Bar and Resto’s “Chili Spicy Pizza” with jalapenos, omg scrumptious! Sorry for the dark photos, that’s from the dim lights at Chili’s Bar. The pizza are so good! I would say Chili’s  Bar could be the most popular bistro in Moalboal, good food, upmarket and with that, of course a bit more expensive than the other many restos.

After a Moalboal trip, jumped onto another group.

Second stop : Consolacion, Cebu. Had a get-together (because we don’t want to call it Christmas Party hehehe!). And it became an über fun lunch at an Oyster Bay near our workplace. Our department’s getting bigger each year. Had served 3 years, wow that long already?!

1535465_1405550209690832_506755006_n Lunch at an Oyster Place with hut on the bay itself.


3rd Stop : Home. Not my home but mum’s home and bro’s home. My nieces that I (spoil) look after were with me the whole time  while gorging of course with mum’s cooking, etc.

2013-12-31 21.39.37

Didn’t have pic of the actual Media Noche (midnight) feast, and this photo was before 7 pm dinner (yes there’s another big dinner celebration by 12 mn! LOL!)

Then of course, end the beautiful 2-weeks break from work, with fun sun and sands somersault-like fun-fix at B.E. Resort, Punta Engaño, Mactan Island.

Last and fourth stop. BE Resort is still pretty and dainty and maintained its contemporary aura. But since guests were flocking-in that time, I guess staff couldn’t keep up with heaved numbers to attend to when pressure comes in. Wish staff were friendlier because their price at BE ranges with other top resorts in Mactan, not so happy. But overall, we managed to take care of ourselves then, so let celebrations keep rollin’!


Cute chic sun huts



View of the Salt Bar from our hut

Everyone deserves peace experiences like this, and I guess I’m one of them, can I be? Hehe!


Cool fix for this humid afternoon


Things are just pulling together smoothly. So throw the world laughs and smiles!WP_20140101_014

In summary, mine’s not extraordinary, but neither too quiet a holidays for me.

Was your holidays been great too? Woul love to hear your thoughts below! What was your version of 2013 holidays like?

Wishing the best for all of us in 2014!

Here Detoxifying, Re-energizing, Re-igniting self post-holidays,

Fritzie xx


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