The Fort – Bonifacio Global City + Makati 2014


When people from other parts of the Philippines or perhaps ones from Manila visit Cebu (where I live), they write about places and fun things to do and share experiences in Cebu, especially the bloggers. So I thought of writing one as well about my glorious visit to Manila recently and share best notes about it.

What’s captivating is the development of the newest The Fort or rather known as BGC – Bonifacio Global City. It had changed my perception (and most of ours) about Manila being congested, hot, traffic jam, dangerous, scammers on unsafe streets and so on. Maybe true to other areas still but not in BGC. At my brief stay, the only time I saw a long congestion of traffic is at the brim of going out towards Makati road from BGC’s road.


Typical Roads at BGC

It actually looks like and feels like Singapore! Walking late night there alone feels so safe and it’s precisely clean with well-maintained parks, pet-friendly environment, and 4 lane roads. I was even impressed seeing a standby medics at the park while everybody’s busy with their exercise. Huge gigantic high rise buildings, condominium residences, signature shops, high-end malls, nightlife, games and activity centres, gazillions of restaurants and every other block a 7-11 hehe! So I mean, very convenient.


Park at BGC





Just lucky to get this accommodation which is relatively close to BGC that we just walk our way there at nights to grab some takeaway for example.


This precious rooftop is one gem of this accommodation.


And then we moved to Makati…

WP_20140509_006 WP_20140509_005

WP_20140509_003 WP_20140508_009


… and who would expect that it would be for the better (well except that we missed that rooftop from the other home), we were absolutely closest to everything because we were right into A.Venue in Makati Avenue where shops, supermarket, restaurants from Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and vegan-friendly restos, steaks, barbecue name it! – is a reach away! (So be taken away with all these food feast series in the photos below)


Starbucks girltalk with my girlfriend, Aloma


Bangus Restaurant


Bangus Restaurant


Dinner at Abe – (not at Makati Av) but at the Bonifacio High Street

WP_20140504_002 WP_20140504_006 WP_20140504_009


Shakey’s Lasagna at Makati Av.


Shakey’s Pizza Castellana at Makati Av.


Braised beef and dumplings at Hen Lin Landmark/ Trinoma


Dinner at Pepper Lunch, PowerPlant Mall, Makati


Hefty breakfast at IHOP, Century City Mall, Makati


Big breakfast called SPLIT DECISION haha! Just in time for me! 😛 – IHOP Century City Mall


Beautiful Double Berry Pancake there 😉 – IHOP Century City Mall

and yes the Hooters Philippines too! Lol! (from the same US’ Hooters) Wiiiitwiiiww! (Didn’t get any photos with the girls anymore :p )


Baja Burger out there and some buffalo wings at Hooters 🙂


Looks like we’re gonna be in gluttony tonight :p


To the point that we’re this tiny close to their red light district called Burgos Street (I wonder if Fr. Burgos who was a priest martyr at the time of Spanish colonization will be happy how notorious his lastname is now).

Actually opened my eyes on what I saw, well this is just my opinion : it’s sad but other opinions are welcome.

And the best thing of course is being close to Greenbelt, Ayala. Spotted some celebrities, trotted around signature shops, and when one time when I was a bit crossed about trivial consequences of slack of planning, I went shopping in Landmark which is great value! (so I was happy again! Haha! What else!)

Had dinner with one of the best Italian resto also now have branch in Ayala Cebu as well, nothing else but Italianni’s :


Blue Moon cocktails at Italianni’s, Greenbelt 5


4-meat pizza at Italianni’s, Greenbelt 5

And meet old friends I haven’t seen for years :


With Jackielou at Koi Pond, Greenbelt 5


With Aloma, who showed me around Shangri-La EDSA and BGC’s parks at first 🙂

This trip’s supposedly merely for an ordinary purpose. But never expected that my heart goes as colorful as this :



I’ve never expect that I learned more out from this trip and somebody had taught me so many valuable things, more than it was ever intended.

All I now know is, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL so enjoy it! 🙂


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