Brisbane, Queensland : Things-To-Do


I should have written this post 4 years ago but then of course my blog Splendidmilestones wasn’t founded yet at that time. I have had great opportunities to travel great spots in Australia for example, but didn’t discover yet that innate passion within me in writing 😀

So one random day, when I just can’t wait for my Asian series of travels to start and had been indeed longing to write about my travel of SG-KL-Phuket-HK-Macau-Bali, etc., I found my wonderful photos of those great places from 4 years ago just left sitting at my albums at my social media account, and thought it might help if I’d utilize them through writing a post to give ideas for those who haven’t been there.

First off, I’d like to write about Brisbane, Queensland. The visit there was glorious. Had that opportunity to visit the tropical city, because we were on our way to Cairns at the Far North Queensland. So from Perth, the city was our stopover.

38786_1243139378916_4994393_nBeing in this wonderful city for quite a short time, these are my suggested things to do for those who will only have limited time and your destination is to just the CBD itself, sans Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast :

1. Dine at the Eagle Street Pier. Eagle Street Pier is famous for vibrant life and where great cafes are situated overlooking the waters of the Brisbane river. It is more of a precinct with various options for dining, with again, fantastic views of the river. You would also leave from this pier if you’d take the Cross River Ferry.

39187_1243135898829_4226506_n2. Take the rivercruise. Your experience aboard the ferries crossing from Eagle Street Pier is unequalled. The views of the city from the ferry is overwhelming, you will then land to the beautiful Southbank Parklands.



both photos from above are from the ferry leaving the Eagle Street

3. Kill the time at the Queen Street Mall. Although for someone like me who came from Asia which boasts numerous gigantic malls and killer-shopping-experiences, the impact of shopping in Queen St. mall is not really that powerful on me.But of course it is where shops and cafes are concentrated in the city and the best thing about capital cities in Australia is, the transportation is very organized and very accessible. So from your hotel, you can easily access Queen St. mall without taking expensive cabs.


Queen St. Mall

38772_1243132658748_7223330_n 39794_1243135218812_7384116_n

4. Walk around Griffith University for occasional flea markets and the artificial Streets Beach. Where could you find a beach in the middle of the capital city? This idea is so great that it brought convenience to parents who wants kids to have a fun in the sun and sand on the weekends without travelling for hours to Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Streets Beach is close to Griffith University in which, at that time we visited, there was a flea market, I don’t have any idea if that is because there was an occasion or something, but indeed worth a visit.



38928_1243138858903_3107701_n 39953_1243138978906_1564036_n

5. Try the cafes at the Southbank Park. The cafes at the Southbank Park, at the riverside is tantamount to what the beautiful Brisbane can offer. While visiting the Southbank Parklands with its lush gardens, aside from seeing rare species of animals (because nature in Australia is absolutely well taken-care of, I must say), you will enjoy the feel of the city as well. So that’s city life + environment care in one.

39953_1243139018907_1100779_n 40057_1243139138910_7851172_n


Ibis at Southbank Park

So those are my 5 suggestions of things to do while in Brisbane. Of course you can tailor-made yours depending of how much time you have. You may add, visiting the Chinatown, or take the CityCat which will take you to numerous spots like the Botanical gardens, or go to museums or theaters depending on which interests you.

Here are some more photos to share :

37801_1243134338790_4302449_n 38599_1243139498919_7084018_n 38599_1243139538920_2784560_n 38693_1243134858803_6366613_n 38693_1243134898804_5050783_n 38856_1243140338940_1577680_n 38968_1243140378941_7579426_n 39636_1243137698874_4752859_n 39830_1243134658798_4756967_n 40069_1243140058933_1078951_n 40183_1251281422462_3317388_n 40190_1243139338915_814089_n 40264_1243135578821_7923230_n 40264_1243135658823_6022044_n 40326_1243134738800_3643822_n 40351_1243140658948_1769406_n 40351_1243140698949_6557605_n 40459_1243139858928_230360_n

And of course some few clicks from dining :


My black Affogato in Vanilla ice cream at Myer Centre


There you go, hope this post helps. I had some queries actually from my TripAdvisor account about those places I’ve visited so I thought that from now on, in my blog posts, it could’ve been better if I’d also share some tips and what-to-dos in my posts. Felt grateful I had the privilege to visit this popular city of Oz, thanks to the sponsor 😀

Nostalgia and smiles from this beautiful experience in 2010, hope you’ll find some few ideas for your own travel in Brisbane.




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