Port Douglas : the irresistible marina town at Far North Queensland

My first impression of Port Douglas is : It is indeed a tropical jewel, and the first thing that pops up on your mind the minute you set foot here is : I wanna retire here!


Huge breakfast at Marina View, Marina Mirage




I was there four years ago, so there might be new developments or attractions at Port Douglas. Nevertheless, I still would like to entail my suggested what-to-dos below:

1. Four Mile beach. Although you need to watch out for jellyfish stings that it won’t ruin your holidays, the Four Mile beach is so irresistible. As long as you follow alerts if there are cautions about jellyfish season, you’re safe. I like how, the council perhaps, had put vinegar at posts near the beach as emergency aid for sting accidents. But strolling on the fine sand and having sun seep through your skin are enough reasons to be here without getting to the water.

40410_1243891117709_180972_n (2)

40410_1243891197711_3824918_n (1)

2. The Great Barrier Reef. One of the seven wonders of the world is in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef. It is alongside the coast of Queensland and Port Douglas is one of the famous ports you could base from to leave for scuba or at least snorkeling at the precious reef. And I made it to this 7 Wonders of the World! Tips hat to the sponsor at that time.

Seeing the fabulous reef was an amazing experience worth ticked from the bucket list, and of course I would also write a post about that experience in this blog.


photo is from Oaksbeach productions, the photography company affiliated with Poseidon, our boat company in visiting the Agincourt reef.

3. Leisurely walk around the charming marina town. One pleasurable thing to do in PD is to just enjoy the warm weather and soak up by walking around and visit shops and cafes.




4. Drive around and catch beautiful glimpses of the picturesque coastline. PD must have started as a sleepy fishing town. Now, it had bloomed into a pretty little coast town nestled with a mix of both chic and classic infrastructures. Something like, “old meets new”. You’ll witness more if you hire a car, for example, and drive around the town. Palm trees, shimmering sun, and warm ambience will embrace you through.


5. Go alfresco dining. Port Douglas is gifted with warm weather all year round so if you have missed alfresco dining during your winters back home, you are now in the perfect place.


Probably there are added attractions there by now, since this visit was already four years ago. But hope you got some bits and pieces about this fabulous marina town. But the best teacher is, experience! So go pack up now and visit Port Douglas 😀

Fritzie xx


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