Cape Tribulation : a treasure tucked-away at the FNQ


So from the Daintree Rainforest, we headed to Cape Tribulation in which roads is very pretty especially when you trail the coastline, its beauty as your view


The Cape Tribulation is still part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, within the Daintree National Park.


No many infrastructure impedes the sense of the Natural Park’s raw beauty. It’s like, this part of the world is where you assume people who don’t want skycrapers & hustle and bustle of the city, would live. A fresh environment without any hint of smell of any city hype.

38930_1244623336014_8194096_n 39093_1244630816201_4464934_n 39322_1244624736049_1385401_n

These photos above are of the unspoiled shores of the beach at Cape Tribulation, no hint of commercialism, which is good as to preserve its natural form. People come here to swim or camp, perhaps stargazing on a clear night. I could imagine bonfire here would be perfect! Truly a place not to be missed.




The beautiful scenery when you drive off from Cairns all the way to here is priceless! So if you are in Queensland and wanted an escape from the busy mundane of life, hop on a plane and drive off here at this historical Cape Tribulation and you’ll get the best of pristine beach + nature tripping adventure.

Note : There could be new spots and improvements now compared to from 4 years ago because I’ve been there only in 2010. But just hoping this gives bits of pieces for those who want to visit Cape Tribulation as well.


Fritzie xx


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