The Great Barrier Reef : one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in the World

At the tip of Queensland, Australia is a stretch of an extraordinary form of this world, The Great Barrier Reef.


This is designated as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO and also as a Marine Park by the Australian government. And by “Great”, it means, omg its gigantic!




38527_1248431391213_4558428_nSlopes and plateaux channeling small to collosal coral cays and islands. Oh my!



Amazing seagrass beds and continental shelves are such a breathtaking view….underwater.


Huge biodiversity! These photos here by the way at this section are from Oaksbeach productions. It’s affiliated with Poseidon, our boat company in the guided tour package. They rent out underwater cameras so we hired one. Later at the bottom you’d see my takes from our hired cam, too far from the quality of these professional photos in here lol. Taken by professional photographers with weird looking, enormous equipments that doesn’t look like a camera to me, lol.








Anyone with interest anchors at marine biology or at least underwater life would have been drooling from those professional photos above taken by professional photographers/ divers in our team when we were there. And they were so kind  to include these wonderful photos in our CD where they transferred the photos we’ve taken from our hired cam. Some of their shots should have been taken on a clearer, sunny day.


Now be prepared for my own takes below from our hired underwater cam :



I know! I know! I still have much more stages of professional photography to study. lol!


39261_1248402630494_851608_n the Agincourt Reef

Colorful marine life, rare fish, turtles and coral cays are the casual sight underwater at this incredible oceanic world.

Great Barrier Reef is more than the word, “treasure” could mean. It’s prowess conquers all your senses while you are beneath the surface of the water and you will literally immerse into their world. Of course I have been onto beautiful snorkeling experiences. I come from a country known for unequalled diving activities, Philippines.  Our marine life is just so rich and some species even exist only at our area, but I was still appalled with the magical sight I’ve witnessed at the Great Barrier Reef. But heard of Maldives that you don’t need to go aboard to witness same colorful flora and fauna? Then that’ll be another destination!

In GBR, that time when we jumped onto the water, the weather’s not that cooperative yet, so you could imagine how much more if we did GBR during the summer months (which also means, brimming bookings and absolutely densed and busy)..

We booked at Poseidon for this GBR tour, hired an underwater camera from them, and off sail we go!

Our team spotting some whale or dolphins on our way to the reef:


The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem. Putting this to your bucket list is a no-brainer. This habitat at the Pacific, apart from, you’d feel that you are a total stranger down there (mixed with a total new world)…is like an immersion into a ‘surroundings’ that you can only see in dreams…

So here are my tips :

1. Watch out for motion sickness. You’d travel for 60 to 90 minutes from the shore to the reef. So although the boat company will provide you with motion-sickness tabs, its better to prepare and/or expect for this because waves and rocky trip could be unpredictable. You don’t want your holidays ruined because you felt sick even before you could do your underwater adventure.

2. Go on Summer season though Queensland is ‘summer-y’ the whole year. The tropical Queensland is rainy during winter season of the rest of the states. In our case, we were escaping from our winter from Perth so we did this GBR on July which is mid-winter. Of course it drizzled, so underwater is hazy and presence of fish and other life is less colorful but still, it doesn’t make it less attractive.

3. Secure your essentials in ziplocks. You can find many wet bags at chinese novelty/souvenir shops but me personally, I do utilize what I could find from the kitchen, for example. You wouldn’t know how huge the waves out there and you don’t want your wallets, sunnies, and other stuffs soaked in water when everyone’s whisking their wet suit.

And the best and ultimate tip I could give is : JUST ENJOY!

Still busy here underwater,

Fritzie xx



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