Palm Cove : a romantic getaway up at Far North Queensland

40183_1251281462463_1104716_nThe Cairns Region is abundant with spots for romantic holidays and nature-encounter excursions.  Palm Cove is a popular destination of gorgeous beach, where you can indulge yourself to varied options in accommodations, from private villas to apartments and luxurious hotels, only 25 minutes away from the Cairns town center. 39925_1251290902699_7876312_n 33496_1251290382686_3936488_n 39962_1251282502489_7557667_n 39615_1251284062528_2726225_n 39925_1251290982701_6797726_n The cautions on stingers worry me but didn’t come across to any. 41272_1251282622492_3177572_n 33496_1251290422687_2620694_n 37990_1251290262683_4267864_n A delightful location and many restos are nearby. Pretty much options, actually. 41284_1251283102504_5630935_n 33496_1251290462688_8106723_n They have this little shopping centre where you get some essentials and where you could find the Tourist Information as well. 33497_1251289262658_1307623_n


Picture perfect! Gaze at the silver ocean… A scenery where you’d want to be with your beloved ❤

37990_1251290142680_1469693_n 41284_1251283062503_7474518_n they have this jetty too for fishing. You can find fathers and sons fishing here most of the time. 39708_1251291302709_7317134_n We stayed at Peppers Club which is absolutely amazing. It’s along the Esplanade, which is a very good hotel. But there are plentiful of options along the Esplanade as well. In fact, wellness spas are scattered all along the area so you have a wide option to choose from to have yourself pampered. 40183_1251281582466_88179_n 35964_1251283502514_4862673_n 37990_1251290182681_3573723_n 40183_1251281502464_1212595_n The inhouse restaurant is called Lime & Pepper which offers sumptuous dinners, wide menu, with very delectable selections. So of course we didn’t miss the seafood. 40183_1251281542465_5853351_n 41187_1251287342610_7181106_n 40584_1251281982476_489266_n 41284_1251283262508_6128990_n Its got several pools, jacuzzi and swim-up bar. The service is also outstanding, making sure your stay will be unforgettable. 41284_1251283222507_847352_n What’s best with holiday destinations is, if there are accessible restaurants around the area so that along your length of stay, you can have several choices and not go to the same restaurant everyday. But for us, we did go to one same restaurant one time, since we wanted to try their other offers as well, great as we were satisfied on our first visit, and have tested if the food is great, and yes they are. Restaurants here run from Italian, Greek and the classic American can all be found. And many offer scrumptious brunches to satisfy your palate, no matter what type of cuisine you feel like for that day.40371_1251287062603_835021_n


Roasted Lamb shank in Garlic, Thyme, Coriander and Olive in fresh chives. at El Greko Greek Taverna, Palm Cove


Greek Rissoles in Oregano mince, Lemon rind, Olives with Rosemary-seasoned chips in Parsley and chives feta dip and watercress salad. – at El Greko Greek Taverna, Palm Cove


Yummy butterfly garlic prawns for lunch. Yum! at Cocky’s Espresso Cafe, Palm Cove.


The best Tiramisu I’ve tasted at the italian, Il Forno Restaurant at Palm Cove.


Magnanimous dinner : Seafood Basket in Pineapple Calamari, Crumbed and Battered Snapper Fish, Spicy Scallops, Garlic Prawns, and Rosemary-salted chips. – at Ando’s Bar and Grill, Palm Cove.


You’d guess that Fish n Chips is my fave meal in Australia . Battered Barramundi, Chips and Iceberg and Alfalfa sprouts salad.


Oriental Chicken Skewer -at Aprés Beach Bar, Palm Cove


Cajun Spiced Pork Rib Fillet

Palm Cove is a perfect romantic place. An uplifting getaway suited to those who want to escape from routines back home, and a great spot for family vacay. Surely, a honeymoon destination too to many or simply for holidays.

Sipping smoothies while watching the sunset here,


Fritzie xx


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