Adelaide, South Australia : Things-To-Do

The beautiful Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, promising and enchanting on its own. You’d have the first impression that it’s a bit of quaint sleepy place but as you get closer to the city, you’d discover more fun and exhibits going on. Think of  parklands, cafes and restaurants on many streets, rolling hills, spring blooms or autumn foliage of  mahogany-mauve depth hues showered by deciduous trees and shrubs. We were there when Winter just officially started but still feels like autumn.  Of course this is also the gateway towards one of the finest winery and wine country.


The overall impression about Adelaide is, its simply lovely. I could imagine people here live longer (no stats supporting that opinion of mine lol) because the air is clean, its peaceful but at the same time you have pubs and cafes at reach when you need one… But for me especially, what came to my mind immediately is, I want a pen and paper and sit on my bench fronting some water or fountain and write a poem.

What I have loved most was the visit to the Barrosa Valley, driving towards the country with vineyards at your sight feels like Italy… Tuscany, that is. And of course the enthralling view of Mt. Lofty Summit won my heart!

Have a look at my suggested things-to-do in Adelaide and you can digest some for your plans for your itinerary:

1. Torrens River. A perfect place to have a lovely long walk by the river. At times, families come, kids running about and couples holding hands. And probably at times too, you are its majesty, you own the river by yourself. I could imagine this as a setting of English poems. A silent river, surrounded with shady trees, greens and overall a terrific park for silent mesmerizing. Grab your pen and paper, sit under the tree in solitude and write down your diary while glancing at the water. The scenes would truly provoke you for reflection.


2. Rundle Mall. Good shopping centre, good food outlets and quite a nice walk in cobbled streets. This premier retail destination in Adelaide won’t disappoint you in your shopping sprees. This is probably the centerpiece of South Australia as there could be no other large city at this state as huge as this. Just like in other capital cities of Australia, you can grab a plato wrap or hotdogs and a takeaway coffee then walk around til your feet claims to retire.


36712_1219910918219_3018169_n (1)


Growling for chocs

3. Mount Lofty Summit  lookout. Spectacular views on a clear day. Go on a warm day or else it’ll be very chilly. We were there on the beginning of winter, so the chill’s frosting my lips lol. The skies will be a bit hazy and cloudy so it will deter your view of the city of Adelaide.





4. Adelaide Festival Center. This is a must-visit, just at the riverside of the Torrens River.  There was no event happening on that particular day when we dropped by there but it is known for quality spectacular shows and filled-up when there are performances by world-known celebrities or even at local events, for sure also for international stage. You can savour for yourself some music, dance, theater or exhibitions while here so check out first schedules on what’s happening at your time of visit.


5. Simply hover the city. Visit the European-influenced Norwood Parade, dine alfresco at refreshing cafes and restaurants, and discover its diverse cultural mix through its numerous museums, festivals and colorful exhibits.


Norwood Mall.










Linwood Hills

6. Barrosa Valley. The wine country is pretty impressive.



Another winery other than the famous Jacob’s Creek


The sleepy but lovely Tanunda town near the German town, Lyndoch.


Rumours Cafe stopover at Tanunda town.

In my own opinion, Adelaide is the sort of city if you want to break away from the fast-paced city life or wanted to have a lone time and to do some thinking. You will like it 🙂

Fritzie xx


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