The Pinnacles : a stunning landscape of Western Australia

We usually take long weekends as an opportunity to see and explore the huge Western Australia and its popular attractions. One of these is located at Nambung National Park, Cervantes, Western Australia…the Pinnacles Desert Discovery.

A bit distant from Perth CBD. Around 3 hours perhaps. But its fairly a comfortable trip as WA or I guess Australia in general, has pretty well-maintained roads and traveller stopovers. Going there, you have a pretty sight on your way with vineyards and some exclusive estates, sleepy towns and the outback.


Vineyard you’ll see somewhere at Swan Valley on the road from Perth city to the regional WA.


OakOver Estate at Swan Valley.


Windfarm at Emu downs, on the way to Geraldton, regional WA.


Emu Downs

Well worth a visit where you could take multiple snaps. Shutterbugs would have so much fun especially on a spectacular sunset where the skies changes its color. Its more popular on a twilight. Could be a wonderful photography opportunity.



So I was left wondering what could then be a life on a desert like Sahara.


Inside the Discovery Centre for more wonderful facts and displays.

The stunning monoliths sticking out from the ground, flambouyantly boasting its orange tan coloured sand where everywhere is worth for various photographs. There are marked tracks to guide you, well-organized. A day pass would be enough to drive around and drop at the Discovery Centre. It depends actually if you are a nature lover or interested in wonders to determine how many hours you’d stay. One thing’s for sure, that these strangely-shaped rock formations would amaze you.


Hehe, the usual silly me climbing off


Flora bush is everywhere with sand dunes in contrast to its green color, to top it all is the blue skies above it. The mystery and magic of this desert is just simply breathtaking. It might not offer as enormous overwhelming effect as if you are in Arizona for the Grand Canyon, it is indeed a wonder of nature. Dissolution of these soluble rocks must have happened millions of years, maybe a left-over of the breaking-apart of the Pangaea? Apparently, I don’t have the answer lol.


You’ll have no trouble in finding  a great spot to get a perfect shot as, there are many areas you can pull off or to just walk to discover more karsts.


Photo : Could be the best place to repent for sins on Lenten?

It should be a quick wandering activity, albeit stopping various times to take photographs…and of course, gave me lots of opportunities to run around and couldn’t help my usual wacky takes.


Boardwalk leading to the walking route.


This how tan the sands here in stark contrast to the white powdery beaches 3 hours, or less, away from here. My footprints on the sand.


Odd looking. But honestly, I didn’t figure out that time.


No way I wanna be left here alone.


It’s another tale of my trailblazing the places around the world. Thanks to my buddy here in this visit. Try-out The Pinnacles, yourself. A fulfillment on your part to have seen this science-mind-boggling-wonder.

Some more WA posts to come! See you then! 🙂

Fritzie xx


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