Fremantle City : an eclectic chic and historical city in Perth, WA

199973_1457623180877_1688506_nAn eclectic collaboration of chic but historical, Fremantle is a city sublime. An energy spot for weekends. Yuppies fill the pubs and nite cafes on Friday and Saturday nights. While families get on the beach or grab a grub at Kailis and others at Fremantle dock.25638_1138299317980_880329_n What-to-do in Fremantle? Well, that’s a good question, rather not important at all when you’re already there. Freo’s only 25 to 30 minutes south of Perth CBD. Home to South Beach, Port Beach, Leighton Beach, the historical convict-built prison, of course for AFL diehards the Fremantle Dockers, the Cappucino Strip, Maritime Museum, the Shipwreck gallery  and of course the fish and chips. It’d be the best port to visit the Rottnest Island too. Various choices of restos and cafes to choose from, from the humble fish and chips which is very popular, to fancy restaurants and upscale pubs and fine dining suited to those who want some romantic dinners. Check my list below, on places that we’ve been there… “and done that” : 1. Fremantle Prison. To include this in your destinations when you’re in Fremantle is a no-brainer. There’s a tour that goes each time and very informative. Categorized into different types of tours, and promise, we took the least eerie. Tour guide is very entertaining and friendly. Interesting to find out the history of the prison and the life of the inmates/convicts. In fact, seeing the gallows will surely give you goosebumps…understatement intended. Their cells seem to give such an expression on what they went through. There’s a cafe within the premises too so you can stop for a lovely coffee after your historical immersion. 53081_1287798055355_6041871_o 52530_1287803655495_1753914_o 52509_1287801095431_8201904_oBuilt by the prisoners, this destination will take you to more than just history but educate us with life in prison, laws, justice. 53518_1287799055380_4283931_o 53483_1287799855400_7326715_o 51851_1287802335462_5004052_o 52220_1287801375438_3294976_o 51963_1287802455465_6503752_o 52049_1287799975403_7008208_o 52097_1287799615394_2642822_o 52150_1287798175358_6845918_o 51634_1287803535492_4486924_o 51681_1287801575443_3473492_o 2. E-Shed Markets. Located at the Victoria Quay, this is a must visit too. The destination to get collectibles and fab finds. I am not so much into antique and vintage shopping but I was surprised with the wide selections the stalls have for wardrobe shopping. I saw animal fur, 100% authentic, of course very expensive but I don’t know if I could have the guts to wear fur with the actual head of the animal on it, else if you’re Cruella de Vil. 185887_1457620740816_6128355_n 196677_1457620100800_146181_n 3. Market Street and Essex. The old street of Essex is now pompous with many cafes and restos. Adjacent to that is the Market street swamped with casual cafes. Shops are abundant as well. While walking here, you’d feel the mighty blend of modern and vintage as most buildings are still up and surviving despite it was built like, 200 years ago. Gosh! 196069_1457619660789_5781495_n 188197_1457621780842_6857823_n The street’s an easy walk too towards the farmer’s markets and the Queensgate shopping centre. 189952_1457626100950_4004925_n 189470_1457623900895_2443722_n 197755_1457624660914_1021889_n 52440_1287809695646_1334371_o 52102_1287809455640_5248837_o 3. Fremantle Farmer’s Market. Fremantle market is closeby when you’re in the town centre so make sure you drop by to get some fabulous gift items, souvenirs, home-made herbal soaps, fresh veges of course and just any kitchen needs including artsy materials. 52417_1287812575718_6704579_o 51687_1287811895701_4175686_o 53235_1287811295686_700299_o Buskers attract big crowd. 53091_1287812975728_5873898_o 52418_1287810495666_8079141_o 4. Fish and Chips at the Fremantle Dock. The very food that I fell in love with in Australia is fish n chips. Fremantle dock is flocked with fish n chips lovers. Many restaurants to choose from but you’d need to prep for a long queue depending on times, especially when its weekends or holidays. Great atmosphere, dining overlooking at the waters, ample parking area and sometimes some festivals which offers kart foods and bazaar near the parking area. 53964_1287782094956_5066650_o 52686_1287780214909_4255995_o 25638_1138523283579_7660521_n 53549_1287781254935_5363145_o 25638_1138525443633_5827952_nPerhaps when you want to fill your weekend some vibe and history, give Fremantle a go! You’d love the city 😉 Fritzie xx


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