Top 5 beaches in Perth, WA

Western Australia is so huge that you’ll get both extreme contrasts in one state, the desert and the beautiful beaches in one. There’s the desert Pinnacles and the mines up north. Then famous Cable Beach up north of Perth which is very interesting, but I haven’t been there. But got here some magnificent beaches within Perth that you could visit on weekends and simply when you want some scorching sun and tan without too much of a drive off from the city. You can choose from the many as Perth boasts fabulous beaches along its coasts!



You can actually just hop on the bus from the city to get to these beaches, very organized transport system. Perhaps on weekends, you’d have to brawl for a space on the beach, but it’d be very crazy not to see this. Locals come here often to watch sunset or just hangout. Maybe you’d have to watch schoolies or your visit would be too crowded.

Australia is gifted with complete nature-beach-desert-snow (in Thredbo) – marine life – just everything. Its beaches are to die for too! Of course you wouldn’t expect something as exotic in setting as Bora Bora or Maldives but a fine white sand just a drive away from the city is godsent!

In Perth or WA alone, gorgeous beaches can’t be counted by fingers. There’s Hillarys Boat Harbour, the South Beach in Fremantle, Marmion Marine Park, Mullaloo Beach at Ocean Reef way up to Joondalup, North Beach, Rockingham Beach, and many beautiful beaches in Margaret River. But I have here my top 5 according to popularity and being super ‘nice’ beach.

First off is the most popular called,

1. City Beach. Blinding-white sand, azure blue waters, best place to contemplate life when you’re alone or perfect place to hangout with friends. Lovely swimming place and gets crowded at times especially if there are occasions like Australia Day.




Barbecue facilities are available for free use as well.









2. Cottesloe Beach. Sugary fine white sand, that is Cottesloe. Teeming with beachgoers on weekends and holidays. Some others consider it boring because there’s no surfing allowed. An awesome beach but there’s always a caution for great white sharks. That’s why most guests here would just swim nearby, get a tan and that’s all. It seemed to be an upperscale beach due to its price with its cafe nearby. Overall, still worth the trip. Smear on sun protection and soak up the sun and wait til sunset, you’ll get amazing views. There’s an Indiana Cafe too, a step to the shore and cafes, hotels and restos around.



My outfit says winter’s almost ending and we can’t wait to get on the water!


3. Floreat Beach. More of a family beach, almost not commercialized (which is good) and best for a long walk.


photo from :


4. Scarborough Beach. Probably most famous for surfing.  Rolling waves ( that surfers love) because it’s facing the Indian Ocean and it’s where the Rendezvous Hotel is. There are many upscale beachside accommodations, expensive for sure. An amazingly clean beach and great drive going there. Casual cafes and restaurants surrounding the area so you have an ample choice there for great food and coffee.



5. Trigg Beach. Perfect for picnic as it got grassed green lawn. But there are few dangerous rips, kids should just be on the sand and watched not climbing off on any rough rocks. Particularly near Mettam’s Pool, better heed cautions when barefooted because of sharp pebbles and the huge pointed-edged rocks. Sometimes it collects a lot of seaweeds especially on rainy days, that’s why its more popular on summers. Next to Scarborough, Trigg beach is very accessible as well from the city and around Perth. Quiet little beach best for reminiscing the good times when you’re alone and/or spend romantic moments with your love. Cafes across the road and good walking path if you don’t wanna dip in the water.





Mettam’s Pool, Trigg Beach



Seaweeds are all over, so this could be the reason why less people come here.











I can hear you zipping up bags packing to Perth to get to these beaches, well, this is just one of the many reasons why you’d visit Perth. I’d have some few recommendations in the next posts, so see you then! 😉

Fritzie xoxo


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