Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach. Rated to be the most popular in Australia. I wanted to say it’s the most popular in Sydney, but no, it must be of Australia. Beautiful. Scenic and fantastic, indeed.

30771_1180778339929_48625_nRipping waves that surfers die for, plenty of room on the sands so you can sunbathe without anyone stepping on you… and what’s more to having witnessed and swam to the best beach on the land?


30771_1180778379930_1102281_nThough like an Australian slang, it’s ‘packed to the rafters’ on holidays and peak seasons, you can choose your time but the colder seasons is a compromise on the water temp too, so you couldn’t enjoy swimming. But honestly, oddly but I saw many people swam onto the cold waters when we were there, perhaps for them there are colder beaches they’ve been and had bear it.



There are plenty of lifeguards so you feel safe. There are ample cautions as well, at plackards informing patrons about the water, its temperature, and swells… and of course warnings on sharks too… tee-hee!






A pretty shot I did, but somehow eerie because of the piercing light to the dark clouds plus the flying seagulls there 😀

But what we did alternatively is sat on the green grass on a little hill and get the perfect views while licking our icecream from one of shops at the promenade.





You have the option to just focus on the beach 😀

We arrived here using the tourist bus from the Quay, that goes in routes. In which we concluded to be the best and cheapest way to tour popular spots in Sydney sans the hefty taxi fares. It’ll take you to the  must-see places in Sydney. You will witness the beautiful coasts and views as well. We had this quick stop at the hill overlooking the Bondi beach and it was breathtaking!


Iceberg apartments, facing Bondi,


Coogee beach not far from Bondi.





But some others who had visited say, Bondi beach is overrated. I am afraid, I agree at some point.  Don’t get me wrong, we were residing in Perth, WA that time and our City Beach alone is amazingly gorgeous!  So I may have this little doubt if Bondi is really THAT beautiful for me… though I admire it, in fact, my heart was brimming with gladness seeing Bondi finally. But then again, you’ll understand what I mean if you’ve seen the beaches we have in Perth, PLUS… top that with the fact that I come from the beautiful tropical islands of the Philippines, white pristine beaches, emerald waters, home to one of the best beaches and sunsets in the world, Boracay… so that means I was already spoiled with stunning beaches before here, but of course you’d surely love Bondi. A sure hit to include in your Sydney itinerary.

So in your visit to Bondi, take many photos as you can, all spots are all picture opportunities, you’d surely reminisce on when you’re already back home. Everyone loves it.

Collecting bunches of nostalgia about Sydney,

Fritzie xoxo


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