Sydney, Australia : your alta de sociedad lifestyle experience

27192_1163190540245_5192415_nVibrant buzz. Arts and culture. Food and wine. Shopping. History. Lovely. Expensive. Magnificent. Tourist trail…. SYDNEY. Nestled to a perfect spot with both inland and the coast on your hands, Sydney for many is the most lovely city the world. A collaboration of just the right city hype and the peace when you’re headed to other directions in some outskirts of the beautiful New South Wales. Sydney is your city of multiethnic destination, and your perfect city to experience dolce la vita as elite as New York’s or L.A., Milan or London (or would later think twice once I’d be able to set foot to those fashion-central cities?). Nevertheless, definitely highly-urbanized and home to chic and luxurious lifestyle, alta de sociedad, that is. Plus of course, the one of the Wonders of the World is here. What’s its like to have seen such icon and one of the Wonders of the World? Well such a question that I’d need to have pages to write down my reply if we are talking about feelings. But if I’d have to describe it with only one word, Sydney Opera House is : OVERWHELMING. 27192_1163105578121_4371989_nIn photos and searches online, if you’d type-in Australia, automatic that’s the Sydney Opera House on the big thought. Although as you have seen in my previous posts, there are endless numbers of must-visits in all of Australia, Sydney is of course a tick on the bucket list for many. Certainly for mine as well. 27192_1163104938105_8115297_n 27192_1163104498094_5194071_nA no-brainer that the Opera House is not to be missed when in Sydney. In fact, you CANNOT NOT go to the Opera House when in Sydney 😀 27192_1163104338090_987673_n 27192_1163103778076_6571621_nFrom the spot of the uniquely-designed Sydney Opera House is where the colossal but magnificent, Darling Harbour too, other adventurers did the “Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb” adventure which is obviously to climb the harbour. Of course for ones like us that seemed impossible, not my cup of tea. Although would love too if I’m specially-gifted with muscles, sadly (or fortunately), I’m not.27192_1163105738125_1969375_n 27192_1163105458118_1592008_n 27192_1163103738075_4097965_n 27192_1163103858078_1196518_n


luxury cruise ships docked in Sydney, Australia.

27192_1163105258113_1254913_n 27192_1163062297039_7196492_n 27192_1163062257038_7143079_n 27192_1163062177036_3538220_n


Hehe. Please excuse the pose.

27192_1164287927679_2323786_n 27192_1164306968155_622455_n 27192_1164288047682_2807652_nMarvel on the Opera House first, and work on your way around the Circular Quay for endless possibilities. Then take-off using colored-coded buses to take you around Sydney popular spots for sightseeing tours, without the heavy costs compared to cabs. Each color is designated with particular routes. One I remember that goes onto King’s Cross for you to savour some extraordinary nightlife (me : grinning like a Cheshire cat)… is the Red bus and the Blue one goes to Bondi beach. From the Circular Quay alone, there are countless things to do. This is where we based to go towards Manly Beach through a quick cruise. A blog I wrote about too here. Sailboats weave their way on the quay. New  Year’s Eve in Circular Quay is an epic because Sydney is one of the cities from the whole wide world to celebrate New Year FIRST because of its standard time.  Another from the multiple things you can do too while at the Circular Quay, there’s The Rocks. The historic The Rocks from where convicts from England started to dock off, like three centuries ago. 27192_1163061977031_763556_n 27192_1163106098134_743581_n 27192_1163106138135_751667_n 27192_1163106058133_4319695_n 27192_1163106018132_6590402_n 27192_1163105978131_7761169_n 27192_1163105938130_8095398_n 27192_1163063137060_5263097_n 27192_1163062777051_6079117_n 27192_1163062577046_1303762_n 27192_1163062537045_6608635_n 27192_1163062017032_5357157_n


You’d expect the Quay to be swarming with tourists on peak seasons.



The Circular Quay ferry terminal where boats going to Manly Beach also depart from.

27192_1163104138085_6060348_n By foot or by coaches, we enjoyed walking at different streets just exploring. It’s as if it’s already a cultural immersion. Gothic churches, historic spots, brick buildings of course the very popular areas, sometimes you only see in TVs. 27192_1163103618072_6459854_n 27192_1163103418067_3373728_n 27192_1163103298064_4563501_n 27192_1163103258063_1462222_n 27192_1163063217062_2024928_n 27192_1164294607846_1838859_n 27192_1164296207886_7527264_n 27192_1164307248162_667314_n And you’ll get to another historical tour when you’ll get to visit the Maritime Museum and check the ships (replicas) for the voyages under Her Majesty, the Queen and even Captain Cook’s. It’s interesting to know Australia was then called New Holland like New Zealand was New Zealand… or New York is the new York? 27192_1163067897179_1846405_n 27192_1163067977181_7938815_n 27192_1163068057183_3666672_n 27192_1163068097184_3858894_n 27192_1163068257188_4088237_n 27192_1163067817177_5375339_n 27192_1163067777176_8267462_n 27192_1163067737175_4545379_n Cockle Bay Wharf offers endless tourist attractions and fabulous cafes and restaurants. We had an expensive fine dining here with lobsters at skyrocketing price, At this wharf you’ll find the iMax, many buskers, marine life and ocean tours and many fun activities for kids and whole family. 27192_1163067697174_8286528_n 27192_1164417170910_2115267_n 27192_1164417130909_5927296_n 27192_1164416970905_1441523_n 27192_1163067497169_2189827_n


Amazing Asteron building at the back, reflecting the skies on its panels.

27192_1163067217162_1752357_n 27192_1163067457168_4045633_n What’s most recommended is : its a perfect city to get lost… yes literally, get lost. 27192_1163059616972_546549_n 27192_1163059656973_5610876_n 27192_1163060176986_2401677_n 27192_1163060336990_2006557_n 27192_1164287767675_2523218_n 27192_1164288327689_4598847_n 27192_1164288367690_5491374_n 27192_1164288447692_1603548_n 27192_1164288487693_6843042_nAnd of course, if you want to see the shape of Sydney from, both literally and metaphorically, ‘bird’s eyeview’, then the Sydney Tower is the best to do that. You’d be gobsmacked with the breathtaking views from up there. 27192_1164290287738_2382994_n 27192_1164290447742_3651719_n 27192_1164290487743_7851171_n 27192_1164290567745_3605401_n 27192_1164290687748_5039731_n 27192_1164290847752_4110384_n 27192_1163059576971_2074066_n 27192_1164280727499_6925415_nSydney is so huge and busy that there are endless possibilities for you. I couldn’t actually point-out particular things to do other than make sure you’d see : 1. Sydney Opera House (and Darling Harbour), 2. Bondi Beach, 3. Manly Beach… because for sure, you might just love to merely explore by roaming around and visit some signature shops, patisserie outlets and historical venues. 27192_1164313968330_5985266_n 27192_1164314128334_377875_nSignature shops and upscale shopping precincts are countless in Sydney. You’d  have to pull huge stringline from your purse so you can shop for few stuffs. It’s absolutely price-y. But of course you pay for quality and the brand. Though for a born-bargain-finder like me, I always opt for markets where I can get cheaper stuffs especially from Chinese vendors. 27192_1164289407716_2115449_n 27192_1164315528369_1417761_n


Having missed home, Philippines… a simple airline signage of our flag carrier airline, Philippine airlines overjoyed me and couldn’t miss this photo op…Philippines, in Sydney 😀

27192_1164289607721_3589650_nI’ve got the chance to buy low-heeled shoes at Paddy’s (Paddington) Market upper section with so much lesser price compared to what I get in Perth. There are many markets to choose from, and at your visit watch out for schedules because most shops and markets in Australia are not open 7 days (for those who are used to have 24 x 7 shops in Asia…like me 😀 ) Then of course, cap the tiring walking day tours with a nice dinner. I don’t know but food is always better when you think you are dining in one of the famous cities in the world. See how I’ve loved the spring rolls better here than cooked at home 😉


Sydney is swarmed with Vietnamese restos, so you’d have to try some too.

27192_1163103498069_6444316_n In your Sydney tour, make the most of it! You’ll gotta love Sydney!!! Fritzie xoxo


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