What is life made of?

One morning, I just woke up delusional and while staring blank at the window and fresh morning breeze coming in brushes my cheeks trying to wake me up, I asked myself while still sitting on the bed… WHAT IS LIFE MADE OF?    Mar61 I was at the point that maybe I have been reading too much Paulo Coelho books of trance, life and the connection to the Universe, LOL! But no, I think it’s time to answer the question… If you consider a scientific explanation, the answer is easy. Life is made up of matter. That matter is anything that exists on a space and has mass. And we (granting, humans), are again made of substance and all else boils down to matter, atoms, substance (?). There should be better explanation than mine, but you know what I mean. The spiritual side would argue about death then, the loss of “breathe” which can be interpreted to spirit.

But all those answers are not really the gist that I needed. I am asking that question because, I am now in Koh Phangan, an island on the east coast of Thailand, waking up with this sweeping views :   Mar62End my day walking in funny gait at the beach, confident noone’s looking because I know, I own the beach!   Watch incredible sunsets after my lazy day…     Read my book (yes, mostly are Paulo Coelho’s) while lying on the sand, hearing nothing but wave splashes on the shores…     Or sit at a bench on top of the hill, observing the sunset fading minute by minute while its only bird chirpings orchestrating in the background and crashes of leaves from the trees, feeling how immensely beautiful the world is.

What’s the best about this?

I  found myself.

I found the life.

In a month, found the best creatures on earth…

Friends – incredibly wonderful people!

Mar623 If I haven’t done this, should I regret that I didn’t do rather than those things that I did? What if I haven’t met these amazing people?

IMG_1428IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1432 Mar625

11053204_872551916120612_1597657470772503616_nIn which, from them I drew the inspiration that yes, I can also have a good time and not dwell of the morbid episode of the past. Now, living a life… living my life!

So what is life made of? Astonished, I heard my heart’s answer.

If you will not love now, when?

If you will not do what you want to do, then when?

If you want to seek happiness, when?

– you see, all the questions are answerable by time. What amazed me further is Bruce Lee, the legendary Bruce Lee answered the question, What is Life made of? And his answer is : Time.

Is there anything better than this that I should have done?

And then I realized, there’s nowhere else I wanna be right now but… here.




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