Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

Koh Lanta the island famous for being the timid, low-key vibe, quiet and tranquil island. It’s just close to Phuket where I’m temporarily based in 2015, being on the next province to Krabi. So I’ve finally set off.

2015-05-07 18.39.22

Sunset at the very north of Kaw Kwang beach near Saladan pier

Today I’d take you to spots here that I’ve stepped foot onto this island of the Andaman Sea a.k.a. the best spot to seek for a total rejuvenation, nature-style. 2015-05-07 18.41.56 What most people do is, from Phuket Town they check-out Ko Phi Phi and then after a day (or after disliking the latter) with all pounding music, alcohol and bustling nightlife, most take time to de-stress in a closer island and chill-out here and catch-up some sleep. For tranquility and a beach nearly-empty with a deafening quietness. 2015-05-07 09.34.40 Head to Ko Lanta for a really needed break, after the chaos life in Bangkok, to escape from the busy Phuket or merely just to seek a refuge to a calm, placid island and feel its remote-ness, the almost untouched beach, quiet but not too quiet to not to get water bottle from a 7-eleven nor not to have access to restaurants and airconditioned bungalow at all (or who knows, some may want total isolation).  2015-05-08 13.37.33 What people come to Ko Lanta for :

1. Empty beaches and traffic jam-free streets;
2. Cooking classes;
3. Lanta Animal Welfare volunteering;
4. Yoga and meditation; and
5. Learn to drive a motorbike.

Well, I’m cheeky.

Not all comes to Ko Lanta to learn to drive a bike because they already do know how to. It’s just me 😀 But the empty streets didn’t convince me enough to drive off a balancing wheel so I had a tuktuk and picked a smiling driver to make sure I’m not gonna roll down on the road from zipping speed 😀 2015-05-07 11.14.21 And got my mango smoothie ready to squelch and stifle off the beading sweat on my face from the intense month of May sun of Ko Lanta. 2015-05-07 12.16.59

Khaw Kwang (near Saladan pier) :

Saladan pier area (town centre) :

2015-05-08 10.18.28Meal + view that you won’t trade for anything.

2015-05-08 10.18.34

Khlong Dao beach : 

2015-05-08 18.16.15Khlong Nin beach : 

Nui bay : 

Isolated island life, you have the beach all to yourself to savor.

Kantiang bay : 

My food stop of course at Kru Kritsana, Pra Ae/ Long beach :2015-05-06 20.32.402015-05-06 20.31.44

and indulge more Thai food

Lanta Old Town : 

A drive towards the Lanta National Park (which I didn’t go in because it’s 200 Baht per foreigner) : 2015-04-04 18.21.57

2015-04-04 15.45.10

Combined with many delightful stops to capture stunning glimpses

Sadly, along with commercialization comes a compromise. What’s sad is, it wouldn’t have to be a compromise actually. Because they do not do recycling in this part of the world yet, you can imagine in the many coming years how it would look like. As tourists and locals enjoy the increasing developments to cater our needs such as accommodations, tours and restaurants, when I was walking in Khlong Dao one fine day it had put me off seeing a lot of trash and a pile of beer bottles half buried to the sands I guess from a minimart nearby because it is just infront of their store. Also, the locals themselves do not appreciate the proper garbage disposals. I saw one or two just left their water bottle and soda cans where they were seated.

2015-05-07 09.34.58

This beauty is just ruined by garbage

And looks like Ko Phangan’s got a budding competitor! This is not a good sign… tut tut… 2015-05-07 09.45.27

2015-05-07 09.46.10So..WP_20150607_022 I went back home and used the resort’s amenities.

Splurged a bit this time at 5* Twin Lotus Resort.

Spoilt and dined before a magical sunset at Huay Kwang Seafood Restaurant. I recommend with two thumbs up to be the best resto in Koh Lanta. Staff are the friendliest! Picked me up from the hotel and took me home through their private car since it’ll be dark when I go home and I don’t have a motorbike. Any service better than that! Try the pineapple fried rice, vermicelli/glass noodle and shrimps in a pot and the fried fish with Thai sauce! WP_20150607_0462015-06-05 18.42.14

I enjoyed Ko Lanta that’s for sure! Its perfect sunsets, the unadulterated beaches, fine and wide-stretched sands, the cheap food, the total break from the hustle & bustle. So I hope you’d pack up and come here now before the garbage will brim up.

May to October most shops closes for business for the low season. Hotels and some shops take this opportunity to make repairs and renovations so expect to be surrounded with constructions, especially be prepared for the noise of the constructions around.

When monsoon comes, the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta stops (but because of weather changes the recent years, they still operate even in low season but cut down the number of trips going per day) you have the alternative to take the mini bus which sometimes takes 2 to 3 hours from Krabi airport or even from Krabi town, 5 to 6 hours from Phuket (a painstaking trip it would be, promise!) But think of the cooking classes waiting for you, the splendid sunsets and the absolute serenity, that’s Koh Lanta!



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