I can still remember that one lazy crisp afternoon in Cebu, Philippines at my little apartment, I was writing down the plans for what my 2014 and 2015 will be.

Today, January 2016 writing this post in Bangkok, Thailand I look back and my heart is teeming with gratitude that I was able to actually live the ‘once-a-dream-only’ plan

I am writing my first post in 2016 thanking everyone surrounding me for the support and applaud each time I collect the “splendid milestones” along my way.

It’s  just a matter of taking the setbacks as your lessons and turning it into a motivation to go on, actually. Hard, but that’s what makes life worth living, isn’t it?


(taken from the Internet. Expressed my feelings well ❤ 🙂 )

With a grateful heart, I look back and write this post for anyone who is like me, was once planning to trailblaze the path towards travelling the world (I am not even halfway there but…getting there).

So let me share to you how to get a taste of Phuket.

Noteworthy to jot down:

  1. Phuket’s transportation is expensive. Unlike Bangkok that has a plenty of options in transpo, Phuket’s tuktuk costs 600 to 700 Baht per way but will not be shared with other public passengers though.
  2. Patong Beach is the most famous and has got the “colorful” life. Phuket Town is where-to-stay for those who are like me, ‘laid-back’ but wants an adventure too.

Where to stay?

If you are of the fun-side, party-lover, wild-at-heart:

Stay in Patong beach. This is the party central. Sadly, This is also where the one full street is a Red-Light District. One Austrian girl I befriended said, “I thought the Red Light District in Amsterdam was awful, but this  one in Patong is out of this world.” This is just one thing that is a turn-off about Thailand because in every city, they will put a prostitution-central for tourists. It’s just disgusting, that’s all. But of course, they won’t stop this business til there are tourists who would cater and come to Thailand for this. Hmmm… But actually like me, it won’t hurt if you will just have a look and see what a Red-Light district is, hehe! So I went with my friends and at 1:00 AM drove back to Phuket Town (do not drink and drive, please!)

Gladly there are also pubs which aren’t sleazy at all like this Monsoon Bar and some couple of others. I particularly recommend Monsoon Bar. First, it is really popular to both locals and tourists. Next, I felt so proud watching a Filipino group that played beat and hip hop and even R&B! Highly-recommended.


At Monsoon Bar in Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket – with a group filipino band with so much talent that makes any filipino proud!


For the faint-hearted, home-buddies, peace-lovers, temple-fanatics and tame ones:

  1. Stay in Phuket Town. When you’ll check accommodations in Phuket, you  will most-likely read complaints about Phuket Town is “too far from the heart of the action”. Yes it’s true. But if we are talking about action and that will be the party-til-mornings at the sleazy Bangla Road of Patong, I’m happy to be far from that kind of action. I highly recommend Beehive Phuket Town. One, it is the place where I met my now forever friends.


    In fact, we planned to meet again this year! Lovely! Second, the staff are so nice especially the owner who is so helpful. The location is a walk away from the bus station 1 where you can take the mini-vans to Krabi, Ko Lanta, etc. and a walk away from Limelight Mall and Phuket Indy Market.

  2. Visit the temples. Wat Chalong is the most famous and the grandeur is evident all over.
  3. Big Buddha is a must-do.
  4. Drive uphill to Prom Thep Cape. The views are exhilarating in the afternoon til the sunset. Best to catch the sunset here. So best to arrive just before the sun bids goodbye.
  5. Night markets in Thailand is fun. Cheap souvenirs, other markets have a handful of clothing and accessories. Streetfood to try and some buskers to watch and listen to their music. In Phuket Town the night market on Sunday, is the “Sunday Walking Street Night Market” at Thalang Road. Also called as Talad Yai. There’s also my fave, Phuket Indy Market just beside Limelight Mall. Edgy night market that is. But in all of Thailand, you will be spoilt with night markets where you can buy all sort of things. From street food to trinkets and souvenirs! (and the exotic insects too?…ewwww)WP_20150207_034(1)
  6. Karon Viewpoint

    7. What else, but… Beach, beach, beach!

It’ll be crazy to come to Phuket and skip the beach. After all, that is what you came here for, right? Phuket province tops it all for beaches in Thailand. The Phang Nga province is not in Phuket actually, but it is in the north of Phuket but a lovely place to visit too. That is where the Kardashian family of Keeping Up With The Kardashians went, in their Thailand holiday. But in Phuket, you are spoilt with choices.

A lot hates Patong, it gets dirty and rubbish are everywhere especially at peak season. But there are more beaches than Patong. Here’s a list of them (the list are the only ones I’ve been to):

Patong Beach

Kata Beach



Karon Beach



Karon beach roundabout

Nai Harn Beach

Kamala Beach

Freedom Beach

Yanui Beach

Panwa Beach

(This is almost private and where we’ve been to was only til the bay)

Rawai Beach

This is the fishing village at the south of the island and would be great to buy fresh from the fishermen and have your seafood cooked at the restaurants fronting the seafood market. Since the place is more for fishing and there’s a jetty there too, you may not want to use the small beach part to suntan. So it isn’t recommended to sunbathe here, you may choose other beaches for that.

But there are little chairs and tables on the seaside for nice picnics so you might want to try that.

Surin Beach

Bang Tao Beach

(the last beach on the north almost near the airport)

8. Lastly, of course taste the Thai cuisine!

Of course your trip wouldn’t be complete if you won’t get a splurge of taste of the Thai cuisine. Get your tastebuds ready for the firing spicy food that will explode in your throat. I decided to stick to my fave, Pad Thai. Then end your meal with the rich dessert, Mango-Sticky Rice! ❤

Then indulge onto the beautiful, mesmerizing sunsets! ❤

Finally, just pack your bag and come here!

Fritzie xx ❤


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