Google is a proven and tested traveller’s bestfriend. From maps to things-to-do, accommodations and other traveller’s tips and advice.

What I do when I travel is I scroll on TripAdvisor’s many recommendations and narrow them down according to my interest. But as with Bangkok, aside from these top 10 things-to-do are my own personal preferences, I am now ALMOST a local here lol.

10 Things-To-Do in Bangkok:

  1. Khao San Road (and Rambuttri Road) – You can’t miss Khao San Road. It is the ‘backpacking mecca’ in Bangkok. I’d suggest not to spend on shopping here for bigger volumes since there’s a better place for that, you’ll see down below which market. This is touristy yes, but I wouldn’t skip this one. It’s worth to see what it’s like. If you’re up for streetfood, this is where you would surely try first the true Thai streetfood. Just be cautious if you’re sensitive because food handling in Thailand is below commendable sanitary levels. Pad Thai of all kinds are here with spring rolls, mango sticky rice, skewers and I’d recommend best the fruits and smoothies. Souvenirs are overpriced. Baggie pants and printed clothes, tattoos, massage, summer dresses and just any tourist stuff you could think of is sold here. It’s dirty, I also mean literally… it’s congested and people get crazy at nights partying. Nevertheless, I’d still recommend that this shouldn’t be skipped by any first timer to Bangkok 😀

    Rambuttri Road is equally busy but I like it better, you can sit in cafes under big leafy trees and ‘quieter’ than the main Khao San Road. It’s just on the next block… and it’s where I had my Mango-Sticky Rice, so cheap… 30 Baht (95 US cents)!

    2015-03-02 10.59.25WP_20150326_028

  2. Rooftop bars – A nice hang-out at night with your champagne glass while the sparkling lights of the bustling Bangkok is laid before your eyes from the horizon, brilliant for romantic nights! We have only tried one rooftop bar, Axis & Spin at a 5-star hotel, The Continent at Sukhumvit 21-23. I wanna try the famous Red Sky bar too and the Baiyoke Tower. Maybe will do this soon before I’d depart Bangkok.
  3. Platinum Fashion Mall – “Pratunam” is the most popular market for cheap clothes, shoes, bags, just any apparel. The Pratunam Market is a traditional market and its hot, and sellers would sell the items cheap if you’d buy 3 per kind. For me personally, since I won’t buy 3 blouses of same style anyway, then I opt for Platinum Fashion Mall which is situated in the same area, Pratunam Market (near CentralWorld) because its airconditioned, clean and I feel safer here.
  4. Chatuchak Weekend Market – I am not that dying to shop here in Chatuchak. Since tourist flock here all the time, the local vendors have paralleled to that notch too that made prices way too ‘tourist price’ for me. But give it a go. What I do is, I just resist from buying but just roam around aimlessly and see what’s on.
  5. Siam Paragon/ Square – Your place to go for an upscale kind of shopping. The new-ish Emporium and Emquartier is also impressive and newer than the Siam Paragon; Emquartier and Emporium are just two to three stations via BTS (skytrain) from Siam station.

  6. Wat Arun at night – The best to do is to take the local ferry and cross ports. If you’re lucky when the boats aren’t too full after sunset, you’d get a beautiful capture of this from the boat. It’s around the Grand Palace.


    (Image Credits:

  7. Floating Market in Pattaya (2 hours away, good for a daytrip) – I wasn’t that impressed. But you might want to try.
  8. Grand Palace – 500 Baht entrance to see the Emerald Buddha at Wat Pra Khaew. I didn’t go inside the temples but just within the premises. Note: Temples is their equivalent to our churches. How would you feel when somebody came in to your church in singlet almost showing the bra and in bum-skimpy shorts? The same as here. When we visit temples (I am christian by the way), since it is sacred for them then we should also observe proper clothing. Yes its hot, I know that is why I was actually in pedal pants before we got in here and wrapped myself with a ‘sarong’ once we were inside the premises. There is an office at the entrance here, anyway, that rents sarongs and covers on tops. 2015-03-02 13.59.03
  9. Chao Phraya River boat ride (or visit Asiatique) – Cheap boat ride. But there is a Rivercruise too that includes buffet dinner, and you guessed it right, that’s expensive.
  10. Lumphini Park – My favorite park in Bangkok. I can bring a picnic basket here on weekends, or join the zumba exercise dance class on Saturday afternoons or just walk around the park. It’s lovely!

So there you go, my top 10 stuff for Bangkok. Just might be helpful for you to note that language barrier is always a problem here although Bangkok has better speakers of English than the rest of the country since it’s the capital. Not much of a big deal but sometimes it causes miscommunications, most I encounter is at hotels or a running vehicle and you wouldn’t know what’s going on since noone can speak English. Requests, clarification on timings on tours, and just special wishes like not to put sugar in your soup will become little frustrations- but most Thais are nice people especially the ones who are educated, but its hard to know because you’d also meet meek but so warm people.

But anyway, you’d enjoy your trip for sure! Eat a lot of Pad Thai! ❤

Fritzie xoxo


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