Hua Hin, Thailand

I fell in love with Hua Hin ❤2016-02-21 15.07.15Its charm tickles your fancy; fuels your tired, weary soul, breathing into it some new energy again and when you get back to the ground, you’re refreshed and reinvigorated. Of course that’s what happened to me that’s why I could speak first-hand, lol 😁.

It’s practically a town you can think of when the innermost core of you demands some pampering, so when your body reaches breaking point and so stubborn it screams for a vacation, what I can immediately think of is somewhere close to Bangkok on a long weekend. Hua Hin fits perfectly to the plan as it’s just 2.5 hours from Bangkok and the van rolled me down to the city centre where I  basically just sprinted a couple of minutes to my accommodation from where it dropped me.2016-02-21 18.39.08.jpgTo be honest, I was actually half-hearted to come to Hua Hin at first; constantly dawdling on whether I’d put my long weekend on this, or should I finally visit Koh Samui which has long been on my list.2016-02-21 15.14.43

But I made the perfect choice, to precluse, you can see why…

2016-02-22 08.47.35I first heard of it from my friends in Phuket since most Thais have been wanting to come here  when in the past, only upperclass Thais can afford to spend holidays here or wind up a weekend. One thing that made it popular too is since its a residence of the Thai royals and nobles. Now, all Thais and anyone looking for a weekend-er can be spotted here. Holidaymakers spreading through from backpackers to mature western couples or honeymoon-ing ones staying in the selections of posh 5-star hotels. It actually feels like Port Douglas of Queensland, many swanky hotels and fancy restaurants catered by mature couples, retirees, and sometimes joined by their grandchildren and the whole family enjoying a holiday together. So nice to see. But of course this is still Thailand, you wouldn’t expect impeccable streets, no dilapidated buildings, no intertwined streams and strands of electric lines, no stray dogs (same as my Philippines, actually). That’s still there. But I mean, I feel calm and at peace here, slow-paced  life without compromising the accessibility to what a holidaymaker is seeking:

Coffeeshops – Coffee Club, Starbucks as usual, and just the myriad coffeeshops you can think of.

Shopping – Gosh, from signature shopping at upmarket malls to local bazaars are all wavering at your way to entice you. Shopping is a magic word to any woman, so in split-second I was high-spirited jotting down the Market Village, the night market, Cicada and more of the shopping centres.  Loved how vibrant the night market is, you’d find everything from streetfood, of course the souvenirs, shirts, fruits, and the fave of everyone, the roti/rotee banana crepe (or Nutella could be in it as well).

Restaurants – I was spoilt. Too spoilt it took me ages, everytime to decide where to eat. Greek Taverna, Indian curries, Brasserie de Paris for breakfasts and pattesserie, German resto, Russian, Italian, of course the Thai food, and seafood, a lot of seafood!

And what else, but the beach! –

Holiday activities for the kids, adults and teens – The various activities would keep your toddlers occupied for sure. I’ve seen a poster ad for an animal show, aquarium, and the floating market is the prettiest that I’ve seen in Thailand. There are paintball shooting too, the waterpark, the Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm which is both in the adjacent town, Cha-am, and just massive choices you’d be confused which one to hit for that day. Backpackers don’t do these stuff, only asian holidaymakers and western families with kids. So I spent most of the time at the city, at the beach and taking photos (of course) of the Railway station, the streets and the vibe the city has to offer! But I’d feel like an alta de sociedad of Monaco if I’d make it to the winery on my next visit, and the golf course too 😍

There were just quite bizaare, amusing sightings in there. Funny that my Thai friend mentioned this. That she said more and more Singaporeans come to Thailand for a vacay of course and they are annoying. So I wondered why annoying and why to particular Singaporeans. So I saw what she made as example. This girl right here, dressed like a fairy I don’t know what came up with her that she paraded in front of all people and there is a massive crowd from my view, so she went to and fro and then pulled her selfie stick. I wondered if she felt awkward at all, lol! But of course the disgusting old men would love that scenery with the asian women. Yuck.

That is not cute.  This is cute:

And this too: 2016-02-21 16.12.15

and this: 2016-02-22 08.41.15[2]

Also, while I muddled online for tips on Hua Hin, I touched base with blog reviews of young westerners hating Hua Hin, disgusted about ugly old fat western guys with a young Thai tucked into his arm and says there are lots of them. Of course I believed what I’ve read. When I arrived, I looked at the map of the hotel if just in any case I am close to the red-light because mostly thats what happens when you book when you want to be ‘close to the city centre’ and what Thai cities would mean is, you are close to the shops and busy streets AND the red-light district (ewww). Gladly my lovely  receptionist relieved me from my worries and assured I am close to the popular train station and 2 mins walk to the night market and a 7 min walk to the beach. WP_20160221_026So I was happy. At night my friend wanted a nightlife, so I said to myself, this is it! So we sprawled all over the city and to be fair, not that I am defending Hua Hin against those blogs written negatively about it, but MOST bars we’ve seen are beer bars,the pubs sort of like. There is no go-go bar in sight as sleazy as those in Bangla Road in Phuket which is absolutely obnoxious, scantily-clad women with clothes ‘with size only as small as a thumbtacks’, dancing on top of the tables with poles and locals shoving to your face a menu of “my friend,Ping Pong show” omg! That is one of the most outrageous experience I’ve ever had. So maybe those who have encountered bad experiences disgusted about the next table are women flirting to old men, other women showing off their skills in pool/billiards, giggling with the old men so thrilled with their game, yes that is disgusting and I myself is annoyed with scenes like those.

But back to Hua Hin, go now and experience it! Then share your stories too! ❤

Fritzie xoxo


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