Bucket List No. 79: Singapore


In saying it’s just a mere, vibrant and a colorful city, is absolutely an understatement. It’s an eclectic mix of treasures of fine history and a thubthumpin’ full-vibe fusion. It’s got an offer for everyone. It’s brimming with so much things to do. For tourists, you wouldn’t run out of stuff to tick on your list. Its just got something for all ages. Serious parties for the young crowd, varied entertainment, epicurean delights, signature shopping, space for the health buffs and play haven for the little kiddos!

Ultra clean, safe,  enamored with beautiful skyscrapers and preserved old-aged architectures. Bustling city life but at the same time you are not suffocated with polluted air since space is there and isn’t really scurried too much (well except the metro as it always is everywhere) but I mean, there’s always a breathing space. As the parks, for example. Also lush greens scamper the city which is great! Evidently, it is well-planned and isn’t congested as opposed to the thought when you think of “Asia”. It’s relaxed even if it’s busy amidst its sweltering humidity all year round. A tiny state it might be, but agreeably the highly, most urbanized country amongst its neighbors.

I’m back after months of not plugging any travel tale in this blog so I’m gushing to write this up for you. I get shivers down my spine whenever I tick-off a bucket list! Lol!

Just this year, this is probably my 5th or 6th visit/stop to Singapore and more are coming since it is convenient to fly from Singapore to my particular hometown in the Philippines, Cebu, from anywhere else like Bangkok where I am currently  based. My photos here are mixed from the various visits. Keep on coming back that in fact, while checking flights to PI and other destinations, sometimes, I would deliberately avoid Singapore so as to keep the excitement for it. I don’t want to get tired of it by frequently hopping in. But Changi airport is the best airport in Asia to have a layover with for longer than 8 hours so…and convenient…and safe…and everyone can speak English…and best, free amenities (from wifi, gardens, rest areas, movie theatres, to superclean toilets) and coming in 2017 is Terminal 4, excited!. I can enlist all fab things about Changi airport that it would consume my entire blog article.

There are countless write-ups about Singapore so perhaps I could twist mine a little bit into focusing onto the stuffs you could do in Singapore for FREE. Yes…despite its apparent high standard cost, it is eminently expensive actually (especially on weekends). But I have some few good tips for you to enjoy some things-to-do for free.

So these are my picks according to my personal preferences. Of course there are tons more you can do but I stayed at the Downtown Core, SG and didn’t want to take the metro all the time so I ticked the places around that is within a walking distance from my hotel.

Marina Bay – the Singapore Flyer, the Esplanade, the iconic Merlion and of course the stunning Marina Bay Sands is at the Marina Bay. Your holiday in Singapore isn’t complete if you don’t have any photo with the oddly-shaped, gorgeous Marina Bay Sands as your background. Come both night and day so you’d see the difference. The best place to stay in Singapore actually when on holidays is somewhere in Chinatown and Clarke Quay areas. It’s full of hotels both upmarket and budget and you will be so accessible to Marina Bay and even for sightseeing tours on the outskirts. The metro is always an easy access for that and for other attractions.


Super Grove Tree – there are two timings every night. I think they are still at 6:45 and 8:45 PM. Please Google it prior to your visit as they might change the timings but I’m pretty sure they are still at those times. Musically-synchronized lights and it’s really magical to watch! You can choose to walk at the skywalk/bridge at the top for 5 SGD. In my case, I was contented to take photos from below and just enjoyed being tranced with the lights as to how jovial they were with the cute kinetics in the background. Gaudy lights playing together with the symphony…and this magic, for free.

Where: Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay

Daytime pics of the Super Grove Trees:

Water Show – After you’d enjoy the Super Grove Tree, rush down to the Marina Bayfront and watch the Water Show. The lights from the top of the Marina reflects on the water fountains creating a magical show at night. I recommend that you grab a spot near Louis Vuitton. Beautiful and again… it’s free.

Fort Canning Park – Fronting the Fullerton Hotel is the Fort Canning Park . These photos are the ones right opposite to the Fullerton hotel, where the City Hall and the Parliament is. Adjacent to it is the Fort Canning Park. Free to take photos of course, and perhaps run on an early morning; or just to merely roam around or on a picnic, read a book in silence and breath some fresh air.


Sir Raffles himself at the Raffles Landing

Boat Quay – This river in Fullerton is actually Boat Quay itself. It is dotted with a lot of upscale restaurants from Chinese seafood to Australian, Irish and western pubs. Or if you want something for free, the view is free. Grab your sandwich and enjoy the view, just watching the boats go to and fro with its colourful lights on a dim water. It’s romantic!

Clarke Quay – From the Boat Quay, continue to walk along the riverwalk and you’d end up at the Clarque Quay which is busier than the Boat Quay and pumping with live music, young people, families hunting for dinner from varied upmarket international restaurants, buskers, fun rides… full of life…so much vibrant life here! It’s so, alive! I love this place!

Don’t forget the iconic “Read Bridge”. Some young locals grab their drinks (now banned in public and also at certain times) and hangout here with group of friends. Enjoy the colourful life here…for FREE (unless you’d eat at the chic restos and bars).


The Read Bridge

Chinatown – Of course you would have to visit Chinatown to romp for cheap souvenirs. For free, I window-shop. That’s all I did. Actually on the second visit, I did some little shopping. I couldn’t resist the 1-dollar key chains, fridge magnets and nail clippers with embossed I ❤ SG on it and some little Merlion stuffed toys. Brought those little treasures to friends back home.

A tip: eat at Chinatown and hawkers centers found everywhere. It is cheaper than any place at the downtown core. But I had KFC and McDonalds too inside the mall, lol!



Fullerton Square – There is a shopping mall here and has metro stops too so its very convenient. Sometimes on the big screen they have movies, I am not certain on the timings though.

Universal Studios/ Sentosa Island/ Resorts World Sentosa – You can’t go wrong with Sentosa Island if you are vacationing with your kids! I would really love to try the water sports when I’ll come back with family next time, my nieces for sure wouldn’t want to get out from the water!

Universal Studios is a package for family and recreational activities. For ones like me who belongs to the meek-ly-ordinary types, I’m already happy with my photo with the Universal Studios icon globe at the background (of course for free) and sit in a cafe afterwards, enjoying some cappucino! But next time when I’ll come back with friends on another visit from the family’s one, I would try the party at the beach that they have. They do sprawl here on NYEs and other special events and beach parties  (the artificial beach one?). It’s upbeat and would really be enticing!

Orchard Road – For those who are in love with shopping! Oh my, we are like we have our own species if I’d call them all! I belong! lol! Orchard Road is swarming with signature labels and absolute shopping spree. ION is the busy one. But to do it free, again, I went there and see what it’s like, clicks, then I’m done. With sad face of course why can’t I get those LV bags in 6 digits! Poor me, haha.


ION at Orchard Road

Of course you can have all else. There’s the Little India, Geylang, Botanic Gardens, Southern Ridges and a lot more other places to visit in SG. You can even visit the quaint part of it in a little distant area. Yes, they still do have a quaint village there. But I didn’t do the rest of those as I want to tick the prime ones representing Singapore and I’d be off. If I may add, the Singaporeans are also different to the warmth you’d get from the typical Asians. In Thailand and in the Philippines, even in Vietnam, you will receive warm smiles and people are really so helpful and aren’t snobbish. This visit this time might be that bit long that I have started not to feel the usual tourist feeling. Instead, I sense the aloofness and sorry to say but the sense of standoffish-ness of the Singaporeans. But note that, not all. Definitely, not all. Perhaps this is because they standout amongst its Asian neighbors being developed and economy is soaring so high.


Park Regis, Singapore

So I’m pretty sure I’m done now and have already seen the icons of Singapore that I am now happy to move on to next places as there are still a hundred more places to see in the world which are waiting for me! Hurray to that!!!  Well actually, I’m eyeing on Japan, omg I can’t contain my excitement that I’m going loco!


With love from Singapore,




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