Bucket List No. 78: Japan

Japan has always been a top destination for wanderlusts. I am certainly one of those.

Like I’ve already described in my vlog (which I will soon put a link here for you guys), Japan simply enchanted me with its unique beauty. Sure we can go to Singapore if we just want to see magnificent developments and skyscrapers…


We can simply go to Thailand for culture, perhaps Bali for parties? HongKong for shopping?

17797368_10206499358523037_20718845_o (1)


Shiseido the huge cosmetic brand


But excellent cuisine + polite & extremely respectful people + history [samurai, shogun and all] + anime [who haven’t watched Dragonball in this planet?] + booming city + nature, parks, flowers (Cherry Blossoms especially?), shrines + unique culture + out-of-this world technology?  J-A-P-A-N!

Japan is a fusion, an unbelievable fusion of everything and all else in between. So how is Japan unique? Because it has everything that others have but the others don’t have what it has. Get it?! lol

For me, Japan just ticked it all off…in my own terms. Of course it is not perfect just like all else are. Space in apartments is an expensive commodity here.

Nevertheless, it just wonderfully sits there perfectly on my wants and hopes for a country to live in, that I wouldn’t run out of things to explore, to discover, to be amazed with, and to be challenged with. Zen at a Japanese garden for soul rejuvenation…

snow in winter…


sunshine in summer…

spring for blooms…

and autumn for the gorgeous colors I actually am obsessed with (auburn, sienna, burgundy, taupe and tawn)…

sushi, yakiniku, beef, and the Japanese people’s intellects is up there that is just marvelous!

The old capital Kyoto is enamored with the old-fashioned town ambiance, a low-key vibe.

Its counterpart (Kyoto of the eastern), Tokyo, is the opposite sister. The hyper, the fast-paced, enormous, but still beautifully-spotless. image-0-02-08-001edced1ac0a28c15835926d6a000379e2e2c8014713968ff48e2241cd6a44f-V

image-0-02-08-332b4340aba251cde4864a64d7d97b567437c3fa4244769dbdc7267b44265a92-Vimage-0-02-08-a77f909917f3f181fcfbd9145c93ad819272207e6178c81614edc46e14323bce-VI went to both Kyoto and Tokyo on the 16th to 26th December 2016 with a bonus of Mount Fuji. But what’s up with me and not being back to the blogging platform for almost a year? Well so many messy crazy bits at work (teaching college in Bangkok), following fitness and a healthy eating plan, being active, obsessed with ketogenic/low carb treats recently, and most of all, working on my steps towards my masters-doctorate ‘combo’ hopefully to happen end of this year. I went to Australia too April 2017 and will write about that so soon.

Japan is such an amazing destination, you guys! Meditate in Zen now, anticipate the goodness and perfection of the freshest sushi, respectful people, crazy madness of games & anime – all in one… Japan!

Arigatou gozaimasu

Sore Made,

Fritzie xoxo


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